Interview: My husband motivated me to release musical video on Overflowing Expansion- Nike Owah


The outstanding makeup artist and wife of the international Production Manager, Evangelist Nike Owah has released a musical video on the 2019 Drama Ministers theme, Overflowing Expansion. She made the soundtrack and later recorded the video. In this Exclusive interview with Gospel Film News Publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, Owah disclosed what prompted her to make the soundtrack, record the video and how the entire public can access it. Excerpt:


This year was declared Drama Ministers Year of overflowing expansion and you made a sound track for that, what motivated you?

My husband motivated me at the December retreat organized by Daddy Mike at Ife. My husband knows I write music and sings. He said he felt led that I should make a song for the theme OVERFLOWING EXPANSION. I first waved it aside but later in January I took up the assignment to do 3 minutes music. I gave the audio to Daddy Mike to listen and pass comments. He said I shouldn’t release it without making the video. When I was slow about the video recording because we’re in Damilola Bamiloye’s film location, he told me to record it there before we finished which I did.


Is the soundtrack for Drama Ministers listenership alone?

It’s for everyone who wishes to key into the overflowing expansion. Basically Daddy Mike declared it for drama minister and everyone else who believe in our God.


How do you think the soundtrack can be of help to the gospel drama world?

It helps alot because music and drama go pari- per- sue. Music enhances the effects of drama and movie generally.


How can people access the soundtrack?

It’s on My YouTube channel Adenike Owah. Including the one I did before and my Daily Morning Charge.


What is your plan/wish for the musical video?

I have the audio and I wish other drama ministers interested in the audio to contact me they can make their own version of the music video showing their location behind the scenes and maybe drama.


Everyone knows you for professional make up in movies but you also seem to be Keen on singing, is that part of your calling as well or you just does it for pleasure?

I started with music before entering into drama and later married to a drama minister. I do music every day. I’ve been opportune to do background music and soundtrack for Ten different films. Three stage Opera and more than 50 stage drama. ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD. Everyone knows me for makeup, but some peoples know other things I do. In all God knows how many gifts he put in me.

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