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Anyone who have seen “The Train” movie would quickly relate with the character of “Iya Eleni.” She was the one Mike Abayomi Bamiloye lived with during his tender age after the demise of his mother. The movie which is the true life story of Mount Zion Faith Ministries President, Mike Bamiloye depicts how naughty, stubborn and covetous he was when he was young before he later met Christ. “Iya Eleni” character was played by an excellent Ijesha Actor, Evang. Adejorin Modupe Zion. Reports reveals that Adejorin Modupe was the one who accommodated Mount Zion members at Ilesha during the movie shoot. In this exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News Modupe disclosed what she knew about Mike Bamiloye, impact of the movie in her life, amongst others. Excerpt:

You played the role of Iya Eleni in the trending movie, The Train but many people don’t know you. Could you please introduce yourself to our esteemed readers?

Ok..Thanks…I am Evangelist Adejorin Modupe Zion from Holy Ghost Film Production, Ilesa Osun State. I hail from Ilesa, grew up in Lokoja, Kogi State and got born again in 1990. Since then I have been serving God, and I was called to the ministry in the year 1998 where I later married my husband in 2000 and to His glory it has been a wonderful experience. I also happen to be a cousin of sister Gloria Bamiloye. I am a full time drama minister by His grace.

Does that mean you also answer “Obembe” before getting married?

Well…I’m a cousin of theirs (the Obembes’)

Does that mean Evang. Gloria Bamiloye recommended you for the role?

Well…I can’t say precisely…but I was told I would take the role.

How were you casted for the role, Iya Eleni?

To start with, I can speak the Ilesa dialect very fluently and since I live in Ilesa and I am a drama minister, we have produced quite a number of films and featured in many others, so I take my chances and according to the scripts. I knew it was what I would pull off easily and I think I was awarded the deserving part. It was God’s grace.

Apart from playing the role of Iya Eleni, what other thing did you do during the shoot of the Train?

I helped a little with choosing the appropriate locations for certain parts that would have to take place here in ilesa and I also helped those who in one way or the other made some errors with speaking of the Ijeaha dialect.

Does that mean you directed all who spoke Ijesha dialect?

No…I only helped with those that couldn’t speak at all and those who don’t have a deep knowledge of the right words.

How challenging was the role of Iya Eleni?

Well, glory be to God. It wasn’t pretty hard and it’s the best role I could ever ask for in the movie.

When you were given the script, what first came to your mind, knowing fully well that it is true life story of Mike Bamiloye?

Well, It became a reminder as to how time flies and then I thought to myself: this man is really growing old all the same I’m glad to be a part of it.

What Impact does the Train movie have on you?

I learnt alot of lessons from it..but to mention a few:

1….no matter how bad you are…once Christ’s steps in…there is always a change for the better….and our destiny is revealed …in Christ

2….and u can never underestimate a matter how daft,unlearned and local….the future tells the bests of stories

3…and it is not good enough to lose ones parent at a very tender age.

Since when have you known Mike Bamiloye?

I knew him 1988 when he married sister Gloria Bamiloye.

What can you say about him ever since you knew him

He’s a man of God generous, and caring person, also a little jovial.

Seeing people’s comments on the film and the success it has made in the last few days, How do you feel?

I feel good…I’m specially joyful for the great impact it has on millions of lives. It’s inspiring. His life story is a testimony, a testament of God’s faithfulness.

Your word of advice to drama ministers who want to also fulfil the ministry they are called into.

They should be consistence, focused and wait upon the Lord’s promises till the time of fulfillment.

Your parting word ma

Your vision is the function of your future…have faith in God and allow the leading of the holy spirit in the ministry God have committed into your hands. You will surely get there …Thanks for the Interview.

Thank you for your time with Gospel Film News ma

My pleasure…Thanks..bye

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  1. God bless your labour of love ma and increasingly fill your life with pleasant surprises. Her fluency in the Ijesha language was excellent and I love the way she acted/interpreted her role. You can also be my tutor in the Ijesha language ooo… Lolsss……
    God bless you ma!

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