INTERVIEW: ‘The Train’ movie gives me hope of a beautiful future- Lead Actor


Trending since yesterday May 3rd is a biopic movie of Mike Bamiloye titled The Train. The movie which captures the true life story of the Drama Evangelist has seven solid chapters with over 300 casts and crew on set. Ever since the movie was released on YouTube Sunday afternoon, it has enjoyed viewership and download. Between 11 hours of upload the movie has hit 65,000 views. In an exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, the lead Actor, Oluwaseun Adejumobi who played the role of Mike Bamiloye disclosed what the message of the movie did to him, his challenging moment on set, advice to upcoming actors amongst others. Excerpt:

How do you feel playing the role of Evang. Mike Bamiloye in the movie, THE TRAIN?

Playing that role, for me was a great Privilege. Immediately I was informed about the role, I just went straight to God, I knew definitely that I need God’s grace to carry the Role. Even while acting, it was me and the Holy Spirit. I just engaged the Holy Spirit.

What are your experiences on location like?

Was a beautiful Experience. When I counted the scenes, I counted more than 60 scenes for me alone to appear, so it was tasking, challenging, but like I said, the Lord made it all easy. It was my First time on Mount Zion Set, even though I’ve been very close to the family long before.

But The Train happened to be the very first Production I will be invited to be a part of in Mount Zion Ministry. So it was a new experience for me. Working with Daddy Yemi Adepoju and Daddy Isaac Femi-Akintunde the Directors, was so enjoyable, their Love and calm guidance. And then Bro Damilola was just there encouraging me with words when I was feeling I wasn’t bringing out the best of Mike Bamiloye Mannerisms. All the crews and cast were awesome. We give all Glory to God.

What is the impact of the story on your life?

The story itself has a lot of striking connection with my Personal Life Story. From Abayomi Childhood experience, to the point where he started going through marital choice challenges, and then the point of making a decision to go into Ministry. I saw myself in it all, so that even made it a bit more emotional for me while acting.

And in it all, the Message just encouraged me, it gives me Hope of a beautiful future, if Daddy Mike Bamiloye can go through it and we can see the Glory today! God can do even more as we stay focused on the Train.

How did you cope with other casts on set?

We all just worked together as one family. The bonding was real and then acting as younger brother to Mummy PMH, Omolara Ayoola was just beautiful for me, and it was a privilege working with her, you can’t be onset with her and not make effort to bring out the best. She’s a fantastic actress.

And Tolu Mike Bamiloye was amazing too, she didn’t make it difficult, she was just simple and we connect easily. You know when God is in a project, there won’t be any room for conflict, it was just a smooth and beautiful time together with everyone.

What was your most challenging moment on set?

Well, every scene like I said I was just calling for Holy Spirit’s help. The scene where the fire exploded when Bro Mike was trying to fry egg, and had a fire accident. Even most of the people onset were scared, but I just build my confidence in God and told the rest of the team that I will try. You know they had to put up a fire on my afro so the smoke can come out well directly from my head. That point in my Mind, I told God, I said I dare whatever happened let your name be glorified. And then the scene when Sister Gloria gave her reply to the proposal, I was just there blushing and shy for my Brother’s wife o.

Seeing people’s comments on social media on the movie how do you feel?

It’s actually a good feeling when you realize that you were part of the vessels used to bless the world. I feel so fulfilled. Beautiful comments and testimonies rolling in about the Movie. I feel so humbled in it all. And I just keep giving all the Glory to the One who has called us into this work. Glory to Jesus.

Your advice to upcoming actors/Drama Ministers in general?

Well, from the story of Daddy Mike Bamiloye, it is God showing us a Template. Let us hold on firmly to what God has committed into our hands, the instructions might not be a popular one. It might not necessarily be how the world predicts things to be, even as we keep moving with the Train, we should be willing to listen and adhere to the instructions of the Master.

Even when we appear foolish. Be true to your Calling. Don’t try to impress the World. Always get your Manual from God as we proceed on this journey of Faith. No matter how small we see ourselves today there is a Beautiful ending for us, the future is glorious.

Thank you for your time with Gospel Film News sir.

Thank you so much. I’m honoured.

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3 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: ‘The Train’ movie gives me hope of a beautiful future- Lead Actor

  1. Hmmm…… Well done sir. Greater heights in Jesus name. You shall not fail God in Jesus name.

  2. Wow!

    The play taught me alot as a young believer; from the point of following God, adhering to His will concerning one’s purpose, holding unto one’s conviction and dreams- to the moment bro Mike wanted to propose to sis Gloria- I was just laughing as I haven’t learned that yet.

    Also the moment they team had their first presentation at the church in Kaduna, I saw and understood the power of intercession, truly there is power when everyone works with one spirit.

    I so learned alot, I keep seeing the movie over and over.

    God bless everyone, Daddy and Mommy Mike Bamiloye and the team.

    Glory to God!

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