Interview: It will be tragedy for any believer, worker in God’s vine yard to miss heaven- Adedeji Adekusibe


As the end of the world gradually draw near with different signs prophesied in the bible manifesting, God has raised some end time soldiers to prepare people for the second coming of Jesus through different Christian programmes. It can be well said that the drama minister and church growth expert, Evangelist Dr. Adedeji Adekusibe is one of the end time soldiers prepared by God.
Recently, he organized a programme titled ‘Dinning at the Masters’ Feet’ to equip and prepare church workers and serious Christians for heaven. In this Exclusive interview with Gospel Film News correspondent, Damilare Daniel, Adekusibe elucidate the essence of the programme, its significance, and other vital issues. Excerpt:

Good afternoon sir, please can we know you?

My name is Adedeji Emmanuel Adekusibe. I am an Evangelist, drama minister to the glory of God married to Sharon Adekusibe and father of some boys and a girl.

When and how did the programme, dinning at the master’s feet started?

Dinning at the master’s feet programme started six years ago, in actual fact I was traveling to sierra Leone for a young people’s conference, I was invited by Faith Healing Bible Church in free town, sierra leone so I was in the aircraft, after I have prayed God just drop the theme in my heart dinning at the master’s feet, I began to consider it in my heart then God said to me that it’s a programme to gather Ministers: Drama Minister, Music Ministers, Word Minister, Pastors, Evangelist and Church Leader. Within me I was saying why the need for a programme like this? A teaching summit of that kind, bearing in mind that am involve with International church growth ministry, we organize conferences and seminars almost every now and then and I’m also one of the facilitators there so I look at that, is it not going to be a kind of duplication of programme, if it is drama seminar that one is understandable but the Lord made me to understand that this one is not drama seminar but a summit to gather serious church workers and ministers together for teaching and sharing of the word and when I landed in sierra lone, the camp where the programme was held, I was there for about four days one of the night, as I was praying in the middle of the night the Lord brought the issue again and I knew it was the Lord, the following morning I put a call through to Nigeria to one of my brothers in the ministry who is also a graphic designer.

Meanwhile, the moment I receive that I also receive the theme, the first one was the Appointed time, In fact, one of the teachings of that seminar I wrote it when I was in sierra Leone, I called home I look at my dairy, pick a date and I told my brother to design the flyer, by the time I came back the flyer was ready, that was how it started so each year the theme always change and coincidentally the theme for each year is always the theme God gives us in the peace makers for that particular year so, like this one we just concluded now Open Heaven the theme God gave us for the year 2019 open heaven and divine enlargement which I believe is also a confirmation of what our father in the Lord share that for drama ministers this year is our year of overflowing expansion have also start praying for next year theme.

Does that mean the only objective of this programme is to bring ministers together or is there any other objective of the programme?

The objective is to bring ministers together to share the word together, and share cogent issue pertaining to ministry because there are so many areas that needs to be addressed in this work of the ministry and to take a teaching programme, to be able to balance things in the ministry. We provide outlines for the teaching that even those who are not at the programme can still get access through the materials. We don’t do any programme without material because I believe strongly that people might not remember everything you say during the programme, the material can serve as a resource they can fall back to. The first one, after about a year or two the Lord led me to turn it to a book so I have a book with the title THE APPOINTED TIME, REASONABLE SERVICES and there is another one I’m also working on to put some more things into that will also become a book and has been blessing lives not even in Nigeria alone but across nations.

From what you have said, dinning at the master’s feet is only meant for church workers alone?

And serious Christians.

That means non Christian should not come?

Yes, but non Christian can also attain because the way we design the flyer if you are not a Christian and you are there, maybe God want to use the programme as a source of your salvation whereby you can get born again and become a child of God and almost all the teaching by the time we will be rounding off each of the teaching we talk about the issue of being born again because there are lots of people who are even working in vine yard of the Lord who have no connection with the Lord of the work.

Seeing that this one is a success we hope it’s going to continue?

By the grace of God the programme continues, it holds once a year every March. It is not a programme we do every time so, if we are going to do another one it’s not going to be dinning at the master’s feet maybe that one is going to be drama seminar or training programme on drama and film making, this one is annual programme that holds every March each year.

Since the beginning of this program six years ago has there been any testimony?

There have been series of testimonies; there are ministers of God who didn’t attend but came across the materials either from their members or workers who attended the program and they love the material. A woman of God called me last year and said man of God thank God I was at the programme you just did, the material happened to be what I’ve been looking for saying that she had a programme she was invited to and the theme of the programme happened to be the same as the theme of last year edition of dinning at the master’s feet that is bountiful harvest so, she said God just used me to give her the materials she will go and teach and preach with at the programme and there are so many other ministers like that who have shared testimonies of making use of the materials because they were blessed through it.
Personally I also have testimonies, my own testimonies has to do with the fact that preparing for the programme always push me to move closer and nearer to God to seek His face and get messages that will be in line with the theme and it has also helped me to get some book materials that I need to work on.

What is the significant of this programme to the spiritual growth of the church in Nigeria?

The significant is to get people prepared for heaven, then open the understanding of workers in the vine yard that the way they live their lives is very important to God than their service to God, because our life is our ministry, if you cannot live right there is no way you can work for God in the right way. The major concern for us in peacemaker is that we want to make it difficult for some souls to perish because if the workers in the church are trained, they will know what they are doing and know the God they are working for or working with, they will want to do the work in a way that will be pleasing to God Himself.

Your advice for ministers of God.

I will say to ministers and Christians generally that the time we are living in demands that you move closer to God. His coming is nearer than before, seek His presence always and get prepared and not only get prepared for His coming but to live ready because the trumpet can sound any moment from now and it will be a tragic tragedy for any believer or any worker in the vine yard of the Lord to miss heaven. Devil will not take it easy with workers who have worked against him to save souls, deliver people that he have in his bondage, so my prayer is that none of us labouring in the vine yard of God will end our journey in hell in Jesus name and I want wrap with this scripture Hebrew. 6:10 to every worker, God is not unrighteous to forget our labour of love. Let’s focus our mind that we have work for the Lord and He is the one that will reward us, man can give us award but God gives reward.

Thank you so much for your time we also pray that as you work for the Lord you will also not miss your reward in Jesus name.

I will also commend the effort of Gospel Film News team for your work and I pray God who gave the vision will continually make provision available for you. As you travel here and there no evil will befall any of you in Jesus name.

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