INTERVIEW: I missed everything about my late wife- Pa. Idowu Animasawun

L-R: late Deborah Animasawun, Pa. Idowu Animasawun

Pa. Idowu Animasawun is the husband of the late gospel star actress, Evangelist Deborah Animasawun. Late Deborah Animasawun died on 3rd of October and was burried on 26th October, 2018 in Ibadan, Oyo state capital. In this short interview with Gospel Film News correspondent, Dare Fayemi, husband of the deceased, Pa. Idowu Animasawun disclosed some hidden facts about ther late wife, adding that he missed everything about her. Excerpt:

What can you say about your wife?
She was a wife, an encourager, a mother, a partner and above all, after the Lord Jesus Christ my wife is the next best gift that God gave me. However, it pleased God to take her home before me and as i always say, God owns her and God decided to take her back to himself before me. So, she has just gone there before me.


So, what are you going to miss about her?
I missed everything! I missed partnership, i missed soul lifting. My wife was very bold and frank. She will call a spade a spade whether you like it or not, probably she made some enemies because of that but then no apology about that. She is straight to the point, bold, fearless but she was very kind, i can even say she was more kind than me. Atimes i will say, why are you doing all these for people who will not appreciate what you are doing. There was a day i asked her, why are you doing so much for this person and she continued not to change, not to be grateful and she asked me a question that silenced me, she said supposing this lady is your sister what will you do, and i couldn’t answer. That is my wife for you.
Pa. Idowu Animasawun

She has very benevolence spirit; she gives. There was a time our child (Sola) showed me an envelope and written on it was Idamewa (Tithe) and he was aksing if i was the one who put it there and i said he should let me take a look, when i saw it i obligued that i didn’t put any money there but i requested that i see my wife first to enquire and Sola said this is mummy’s hand writing. She wrote Idamewa (Tithe) but didn’t indicate who to give it to and i was confused. What am i saying, even on her death bed she was still giving, not with money alone but will counsel, advise and all that. So, i missed everything about her.

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