INTERVIEW: How World Sexual Purity Day Came Into Existence- Victor Olukoju PVO


World Sexual Purity Day has been known by many citizens, especially the youths of some countries, yet they know not how it came into existence. World Sexual Purity day has been a day in a year (14th November) set aside to campaign against immortality and sex abuse among youths. It’s purpose among others, is to build Purity among youths. In this Exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, the initiator of World Sexual Purity Day, Pastor Victor Olukoju, PVO disclosed how it came into existence, the factors surrounding the day, it’s main objectives, amongst others. Excerpt:

This year world sexual purity day seems taking a new dimension, what’s the brain behind this?

There is no brain behind it… God himself is the One behind it and that is why it is taking a new dimension. The momentum increases every year and spreading to different countries of the world. No one could have done this except God.

What’s your driving force for the world sexual purity day annually?

The dark places are full of habitations of cruelty.
Acute Sexual immorality has taken a demonic dimension that is ravaging everywhere!
Everyone is at risk… Souls are wasting away daily!
The message of biblical Sexual Purity has become more urgent than ever before!
When you see young people not only loosing direction but physically loosing their lives you cannot but run to the rescue.

The world sexual purity day is same as your birthday, was it a coincidence or you just feel like using your birthday to campaign for sexual purity?

It is a long story. Over 6 years ago, I desired that United Nations or other World bodies will declare a day as World Sexual Purity Day just like we have different days globally.
I wanted a day when biblical sexual purity will be celebrated… Later it dawned on me that it was not going to happen because the world will not celebrate or embrace such. It came to my spirit strongly after then to declare a day as World Sexual Purity Day and it was going to be so. It was as if I was having a meeting with God… The thought was soothing to my spirit… I felt heaven in my soul. That day, I donated my birthday to God as the day World Sexual Purity Day will be celebrated globally. While I live and after I am gone to heaven, I want people to remember November 14th as World Sexual Purity Day and not my birthday. It is already happening! I see World Sexual Purity Day been celebrated in different Nations of the World and many do not know where it is coming from. That to me is an eternal legacy! The impact is more important than who started it. God has taken it over and that is my joy. May this sexual purity crusade reach the ends of the world in Jesus name!

What’s the line up of event for the 2021 world sexual purity day?

So many globally! But from our end, we started an aggressive purity campaign on the 1st November and it will run till 14th. There is also Global Congress of Sexual Purity Ambassadors. An online meeting for Sexual Purity Ambassadors on the 13th and 14th November. On the 14th November, we are going to have #walkforpurity from Glory Tabernacle to Sexual Purity Academy Office at Ashi, Ibadan and also in many cities and countries.

Few days to the world sexual purity day, Facebook locked up your account which is a major means of reach out to your audience, don’t you think this will have effect on the number of audience that will be reached?

Well, my Facebook account was locked and till now, I don’t really know why…all I know is that all things are working together for my good.
While it is painful for such a thing to happen at such a time as this, we are not discouraged.
As we are trusting God that it will be resolved, I opened another one in the meantime as a medium to reach still reach out and in 5 days I had over 5000 request already.

The crusade is on and it is already beyond me!
It has become an unstoppable movement that is spreading with or without me.
No one can stop a vision that originated from God! That is the simple truth.

What plans have been made so far to recover the account before November 14?

Many people have reached out to me to help but we are still on it.
We have filled forms and submitted identity card and all of that…but we have not yet recovered it. If anyone reading this has any idea of how we can recover it, I will appreciate.

Your word for singles out there.

Life is once!
Once the Owner takes it, it is over.
Pour your life on God and live your life with eternity in view.

Walk with God and work for Him like there is no tomorrow!
One day at a time for Jesus.
The truth is that tomorrow may not just be yours!


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