INTERVIEW: How we succeeded in our mission trip to Nassarawa state- Moses Korede


Missionary is taking the gospel of Jesus to a place where it has not reached or not circulated. Many people believe that only pastors do this but this is not the real picture as Drama Ministers in their numbers also go on mission field to different part of the country and nations of the world with drama evangelism. Dr. Moses Korede Are and Calvary Drama Ministry Int’l. recently travelled to far North for a mission trip. In this interview with Oluwafemi Dosu, he reaveled how they succeeded in the trip, how they scaled through despite the security challenge in the country especially in North. He also disclosed how people gave their lives to Christ in their numbers, amongst others. EXCERPT:


For the sake of those who just see you on screen and don’t really know you, can we meet you sir?

I’m MOSES KOREDE ARE. I’m the president of CALVARY DRAMA MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL OGBOMOSO. We started fully September 2nd 1995.


What is Calvary Drama ministry international about?

We strongly believe that drama evangelism not only preach the gospel it brings the message of the Gospel Very real and touching to the audience. This we achieve through the instrumentality of STAGE and FILM production.


We learnt you went on a mission trip recently, can you tell us what led you to this?

The Mission trip to NASSARAWA STATE is a multimillion naira project that is not sponsord by Calvary drama ministry ( I pray that one day we will be able to sponsor such a big project for the Lord) It was strictly an invitation by UTTERMOST PARTS OF THE EARTH MISSION. A missionary body based in Cannada but has it’s main interest in reaching the unreached in Africa.They were led to invite us like any other Christ organization and we honored their invitation.


How many days did you use and was it drama all through?

We traveled by road . The road was bad and our gospel Van is not in the very best state. So it took us 2 days to get there and 2 days to return to base. We worked for 5 days covering each of the five Villages per day, making 9 days.

There was no any preaching. The drama ministrations were the main messages followed by my altar call. Somebody in the group that invited us pray for them and relief materials would be distributed to the locals. Health issues were addressed and drugs, eye glasses given to all people that have issues for free.


You travelled to core North from South west, how did you break the language barrier?

No NASSARAWA STATE is not core North. It’s North Central. I grew up in Kano STATE Villages, Schooled both in Kano and Plateau State, did my service year in JIGAWA state. I came down West for my HSC and University education. I speak Hausa the way an Hausa Man will speak it or very close to it. Hausa is my third language next only to Yoruba and English.


Looking at security issues in the country, how did you handle that?

The security issue is a very big issue in the North. Those of us in South don’t know the extent of menace we are in. An average Hausa Man is the worst hit. An Hausa or Tiv Man fears Fulani herdsmen than Boko Haram. The Fulanis will without mercy and they kill Northerners than people from the South.

Most of our converts are Women. When you asked them about their husbands the ready made answer is always HE IS DEAD.It is very sad indeed Apart from God’s protection we have at least 20 Mobile Police Men following us as escort. They are always battle ready each time we are ministering on stage. They caution me to round up by 3:30 each day. I compare that with the freedom we have in the West where you don’t round up by 8:30pm.


How many souls were won for the Lord and how/who did you hand over the souls to?

Each day the Souls God won to himself are always massive. They are always in their hundreds many of them are Women in Hijab.


What measure did you put in place to ensure that the souls didn’t backslide?

The ministry that invited us handed them over to REEDEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD in each of the Villages. Our responsibility as Evangelist is to be used of God to get them converted. All we are doing is pray for them to be deeply rooted in Jesus.

Like I said we are Evangelist not pastors. Secondly we were only invited. UTTERMOST PARTS OF THE EARTH is doing an excellent job in that regard. Although we came in to point out 1 or 2 things that we felt will assist them in the follow up. They seem to be interested in our counsel.




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