INTERVIEW: How Security Issues in Nigeria Affects Our Missionary Trips- Wole Olayiwola

For some times now, Nigeria has been battling with security issues, raging from Boko Haram Sect, Fulani Herdsmen crisis, etc. The security issue of no doubt has effect on some sectors and sphere of the country. In this Exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, Drama Missionary, Evang. Wole Olayiwola explains how security issues affects his Missionary trip especially in the north. Wole Olayiwola travels to different part of Nigeria and other Africa countries to preach through Drama. He also delve into other vital issues in this interview. Excerpt:


How do you think security affects drama ministers in this country?

Most of the time, the situation in the country affects our movement because some of the churches don’t want to hold any serious programme because of the situation but God is helping us anyway and we need to pray that God will help us that the little we can do, we’ll do it but to be honest with ourselves the security situation in the country is affecting the programme, so many people don’t want to put the life of people at risk. So we have to do whatever is available for us. Another thing is that as an evangelist, there must be something for you to do apart from doing big programmes, you can do those little programmes or disciple programme, for people; it’s very important we don’t have to give that excuse because of the security situation you’re not moving, we are still moving, we are still on the way all the time.



Do you encourage online drama crusade or online programmes?

Very good! The Lord is opening our eyes to it. Many of us that have good phones that are just using it to browse, for WhatsApp , Facebook and others like that, that is not even glorifying God but now that God is opening our eyes to see. I don’t even know what is called ZOOM before but you can see now during this period of COVID-19, we got exposed to it and God is using it to bless lives, we have testimonies of how people are blessed via online programmes. So it’s a very good idea and a good thing that God is helping us to know at this critical moment.



How do you finance your movement?

I don’t normally answer the question of finance because if I have to explain, I may not. For example, I came back from Sierra Leone in November last year, asked me “how did you go to Sierra Leone and come back at this critical moment?” because the corona virus test alone, I did it four times within a month which cost more than 200,000naira alone, so I cannot explain that but I believe God the one who owns the vision knows how to finance it, our own is to key into the work and He will do it, so if we are thinking about that we may not be able to move.



Do you think Drama Ministers who doesn’t have another source of income can succeed in this dispensation?

I don’t encourage people not to have it if there is any opportunity, there are several opportunities around us that we can key into that will not disturb one’s ministry. When we talk of full time ministry I am saying that full time ministry doesn’t mean you don’t work, full time ministry doesn’t mean you don’t have anything you’re doing but we have some people with specific instruction that this is what I’m giving to you. For example, myself, i use to wonder why somebody will call himself a full time drama minister and maybe go for ministration once in a month, that is nothing. What are you doing throughout the month? If God has called you to the ministry even on full time God did not tell you not to do anything, you can still do something that will not affect your ministry but those that God gave specific instruction, there must be assignment and God knows how to take care of them.



On the last note, some Drama Ministers who drop drama ministry to other ministries like pastoral ministry, etc what do you think is responsible for this?

I don’t want to blame anybody for that. Using myself as example, anybody cannot call me into pastoral work or ministry and then I will now drop the drama ministry, because I know what God has told me concerning this drama ministry. Although I find myself in a situation whereby I have to preach like a pastor, where I have to do what pastors do like counselling, that does not stop me from being a drama minister, I will still come back to the drama ministers. Maybe God just brought those people into the drama ministry for a purpose maybe their calling is pastoral calling, I can’t answer that but as a drama minister you can’t feel comfortable doing something else until you come back to where you belong.


  1. I like that sir. like wise me I want to use my time to serve God… how can I join you l like acting this kind of film… I want to dedicate myself to God finally.. I really need help to grow in faith… ad I believe God will do it.. amen

  2. Great responses to interview Evangelist Wole Olayiwola. I pray for extraordinary grace for you to accomplish your calling. I know you’re very passionate about what you do. God bless you sir.


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