INTERVIEW: How I was launched into Christian drama- Israel Ore Adewole


Israel Ore Adewole

Evang. Israel Ore Adewole is an house-hold name in the movie world. He is a constant face in Mount Zion Movies. Until recently, Ore Adewole has featured in several films and stage drama. He also paid his dues in the ministry and industry. He however needs urgent help to perform a surgery in order to get back his lost voice. Israel Ore Adewole disclosed In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu how he was lunched into the Christian Drama ministry among others. Excerpt:

You are one of the founding fathers in the drama ministry, how did the journey start?

The Mount Zion Production was preparing to have her first drama production at the First Nigerian Christian Teacher’s Fellowship Conference which took place at St. Margaret’s Grammar School, Ilesha. It was the bulk of the members of the Christian Fellowship of OYSC, Ilesha that made up of the Mount Zion Productions then with few Christians from outside the school. I joined the group and I rehearsed for the drama titled “Hell In conference” written by the leader of the Mount Zion Productions, Evang. Mike Bamiloye. We performed the drama on Friday 11th July, 1986.

The drama had a great impact on the audience of the Conference that day. I played the role of a demon in the drama. That launched me into Christian drama from that day. We had a number of drama invitations from churches and programs from Ilesha and environs from that day onwards.

What has been your contribution to the ministry?

I don’t know if I contribute any thing to the ministry. All that I know is that when the Mount Zion as the foremost of Christian drama ministries in Nigeria was commissioned to start multiplying itself in the year 1991 when it started the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama in July that year, I was one the pioneer students and the president of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries was the only lecturer. After our training at the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, I was one of the members that were chosen as one of the lecturers. In that way, many young men and women and adult folks who had the call of God into Christian drama were trained to fulfill their God-given vision of drama evangelism. And many of them are doing several exploits in drama evangelism. That way, I can regard myself as contributing to the ministry of drama evangelism in this country.

How many films have you acted in or produced?

I took part and also produced a number of films but counting them one by one that I cannot do.

Can u mention some of the films you have to your credit?

While in the mount Zion Faith Ministries, I took part in “The Beginning of the End”, The Last Generation, Attacks From Home, The Story of My Life, The gods Are Dead, One careless Night etc. And while in the Great Light Films, I took part in and I produced The Last Option, Silent Cry, Unturned Cakes, The Hope of Glory, Arobafin, Strange Missions etc.

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