INTERVIEW: How I Reached 100,000 YouTube Subscribers- Femi Adebile



Recently Fejosbaba TV received a silver award from YouTube over a 100,000 YouTube subscribers reach. In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News Lagos Bureau Chief, Damilare Daniel, the CEO of Fejosbaba TV, Femi Adebile disclosed how he reached the 100k subscribers, how he got the award and how long he started the channel amongst others. Excerpt:


Recently you won a silver award and it was given by YouTube upon 100k subscriber reach, how did 100k happen?

How 100k happened is just by the spirit of God and people say a lot of things that hard work, consistency and all that, as good and obvious as that may be the truth is that if God has not given good health you won’t be able to do the hard work, if God has not been able to give you resources, you won’t be able to be consistent. It is God that has given the resources and hard work, so after God it’s still God, it’s still by His spirit. It has been by His help, He has made everything possible for 100k subscribers, it’s not what man can achieve by strength or consistent or anything but by the spirit of God.


Like how many years did it take you to reach the 100k subscribers?

Well, I think I started building my channel in the year 2019. In January 2019 I just had about 500 subscribers, it was that same month that I had a vision for YouTube then, one of my DP just called me and said fejos you are doing a lot of good work create your channel and work at it in. We started 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 so let say 3 and the half years we get to 100k subscribers.


How did you know you have an award to receive, were you contacted via mail or call or did you apply for it?

Well, when you reach 100k milestone on YouTube, automatically YouTube start reviewing your channel to confirm if the 100k subscribers are real and not bought and it’s not everybody that get that award, yes it’s not automatic for every 100k subscribers, many people will not even get it. The way YouTube does it is so competitive so it’s not automatic. There are some other things that are put in place, they check your channel for 7 days to review, check your content, if they discover you have some spam subscribers they’ll remove it and return you to where it suppose to be and that after all has been done and discover that your channel is growing naturally and steadily then they will send you a mail that you are qualified to receive society award and they send the shipping numbers. All you need to do is to get your shipping number and fill a form and they deliver the Award to your house. There is no YouTube office in my state, YouTube sent the award through carrier from the United State of America and it was delivered directly to my place where I reside.

It’s a coincidence that you reached the 100k subscribers at the period of your ministry 15th anniversary. How do you feel receiving this award from YouTube and what’s your next line of action?

Yea, it’s a double celebration we thank and give God the glory for the privilege to reach that milestone. Well, we are so happy that it came at the same time, we give God the glory for what He has been doing in the ministry and Fejosbaba tv and by my next step of action, well, let’s leave that to God, God himself will begin to unveil some other things that He has in plan for us but for now we have some other things we are doing now, so it’s possible we will not really go on location for now, we have other thing we are actually doing but we thank God, God is helping us and He shall continue to help us.

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