INTERVIEW: Gospel Filmmakers should Recreate ‘Passion of The Cross’ in a Nigerian way- The Winlos


Across the globe, what could be seen or related to as Easter Movie is ‘Passion Of The Cross’ produced by Mel Gibson. There is no single movie that portrays the Birth, Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Nigeria or African way which African can easily resonate with. In this Exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, the Filmmaker, Ohis Ojeikere of The Winlos (Short Skit Couple) encouraged Nigeria Gospel Filmmakers to Recreate ‘The Passion of The Cross’ in a Nigeria way. He also expatiate the main reason behind Easter which is unknown to many. Excerpt:

What does Easter mean to believers?

Easter is the period where we celebrate the death, the burial and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is actually a symbolic period to us believers where we get to commemorate Christ’s sacrifice for us especially the fact that it signifies victory. What Christ achieved on the cross was victory over the devil and thus we have freedom of entrance into the holy of holies and no more need to go by priests or prophets (Hebrews 9:12.).

You see when Christ died, the veil tore in two signifying our direct access to God through Christ (Matthew 27:51, Romans 5:1). This is the significance of Easter to us, keeping this notable event and it’s consequences before our faces at such a time as this.

What Impact has Easter on Gospel Filmmaking in Nigeria?

The impact that Easter has on gospel filmmaking in Nigeria to be honest is not much. What we have as a film for Easter per se is actually The Passion of Christ which is not native to Nigeria or any gospel film maker here. It raises the question as to what is happening in that regard? We are a people if celebration and little events like this beckon on us to create something to commemorate with. I will say, gospel film makers can step up here

In the whole wide world, Passion of the Cross seems to be the only gospel film that talks about Easter, do you see such film being produced by Gospel Film makers in Nigeria?

The passion of Christ is indeed the main gospel film that has taken over long before now but funny enough filmmakers in Nigeria are yet to domesticate that film. The best we have seen has been a dubbing in pidgin English and some native dialects such as Igbo, Bini, Hausa among others for purposes of evangelizing rural areas. However the possibility of recreating the movie in a Nigerian way is quite high and should be looked into by gospel filmmakers or better still, something originally Nigerian and not necessarily copying The Passion of Christ as it were.

What do you tell believers as they celebrate this 2021 Easter?

What I would tell believers as they celebrate Easter 2021 is to focus on the reason for the season. It’s a celebration of victory and total triumph over the works of the devil. The Bible says that when Jesus Christ arose he took all the keys of life and death from Satan. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to him which he has also given to us Mathew 28:18. We should therefore be in a celebratory mood in Easter. Not celebrating outside of understanding but with this understanding. We should also use the opportunity to intentionally reach others with this goodnews. Let’s celebrate the proper way and get others to do same. Thank you.

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