INTERVIEW: Film Can Be Successful With The Right Collaborations- First Netflix Trained Development Executive in Nigeria


Film, they say is a collaborative effort. It has been observed that many successful films both in Nigeria and outside are done with collaborations. In this Interview with Gospel Film News Publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, Ololade Okedare who is the first trained Development Executive in Nigeria by Netflix, a multi-talented writer, story editor, script supervisor, development executive, producer and the writer/aspiring writer’s ace in the hole explained the need for collaborations among gospel film makers. She has extensive experience working across several sub-sectors in the media, entertainment and producing for TV, film, commercials and documentaries. Ololade also spoke on the need to engage Development Executive from beginning. Excerpt:

1. Can a film be successful with collaboration?

First, it depends on the metrics of what a filmmaker defines as success. I prefer a film to have both financial success and significant impact that will be referenced for years to come.

Yes, a film can be successful with the right collaboration. It is important to have a well-rounded team with the needed skills and competencies required, and this starts not at the stage of production, which most filmmakers pay more attention to, but at story development.

Ololade Okedare
Story Development Executive

2. How can Gospel Filmmakers come up with collaborations in this age?

John 1:45 tells us that Phillip, after meeting with Jesus, went to look for his friend, Nathanael, and told him, “We’ve found him! We found the One we’ve been waiting for. It’s Jesus, son of Joseph from Nazareth…” I would try not to preach but the lessons here are clear:

– Identify the skillsets you need to take your craft to the next level. Be specific per time about what and who you need.

– Be hungry for any opportunity that comes to fill that need: trainings, networking opportunities etc. Research online, ask questions, and be prepared to grab such opportunity.

– When you’ve struck treasure — knowledge is treasure, SHARE the relevant information and resources with others.

When you empower others, you are creating a circle of informed and capable collaborators around you, and soon enough, you’ll need them.

3. Can Gospel Filmmakers afford an executive development executive?

I am a gospel filmmaker and I know I can afford one because I have placed the right value on the skillset of a Story Development Executive. Making a film can be compared to building a house. It is foolhardy to employ blue-collar workers to build when you do not have the architecture for the house ready or a highly-trained supervisor to ensure the integrity of work done. A story development executive is like the Architect and Supervisor who ensures that every facet of the building, from the foundation to the finishing touches are done to specification and the vision of the builder — who is the Producer/Writer. When you entrust your building projects to charlatans or labourers, the shoddy result will speak for itself. More importantly, It shows the little value that you place on your project.

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