INTERVIEW: Directing a secular movie is a waste of time and grace- Victor Olukoju


Victor Olukoju is  a gospel film maker, the convener of ‘Letter to my Daughter’, ‘Letter to my Son’ and ‘Letter from my father’. He is a Sexual Purity advocate and the president of Mount Zion Institute Alumni Fellowship. Olukoju has produced/directed a number of blockbusters including ‘Akobi Laaroye.’ In this interview with Ifeoluwa George, a correspondent with Gospel Film News, Victor Olukoju disclosed his mind set on secular films, he advised gospel film makers and shed light on his new vision. Below is an excerpt:

Can we meet you?

I’m Victor Olukoju. Also known as PVO. Husband of one wife and a missionary. I served in Ghana mission field for over 10 years before the Lord asked us to come back home. After about 7 years in Lagos, He led us to Ibadan.
I amactively involved in youth ministry with emphasis on Sexual Purity.  I preach the gospel.  I live the gospel and I act the gospel. I’m currently the National President of Mount Zion institute Alumni Fellowship. I am also an author.

Lead us to your background.

It’s been a long journey. I read Graphic design and grew up in Ondo State. I gave my life to Christ in 1989

What inspires you as a film maker?

Salvation of souls of men are great inspiration to me.
The desire to see young people occupy for God is another inspiration for me.
However, I must confess, seeing people like Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has been immeasurable inspiration. In addition,  I did my OCP,  ACP and Diploma in Mount Zion Institute.

What are your achievements? 

Can’t really say. All I can say is that the Lord has used PVO to reach out to few thousands of youths in few African countries.

Where did you learn Film? 

Mount Zion institute majorly and well,  personal development.

Letter from my father and letter to my daughter.  How do you go about it?

The story behind this is so deep. But let me just say this. It’s an inspiration from God.  It was first #lettertomydaughter. I never knew anything will come after that… then, God inspired me again to start #lettertomyson.
I thought it was all over, then He led me again to do #letterfrommyfather. Actually, letterfrommyfather is letter to my daughter and letter to my son coming together.  It came up in the first 100 days of the year 2018.
Now, by the grace of God,  it’s going to be a yearly event because our Father will never stop speaking.

Presently in gospel film industry, you are an hot cake. How do you get your clients and contract?

I’m not aware at all that PVO is hot cake. I’m just a vessel in the hands of God.
Talking about clients and contracts. Those are foreign words to me… It’s a ministry, so I don’t do contract and I don’t have clients. I only have co-labourers. I don’t know if this answer your question anyway.

How do you charge for job?

I don’t charge to minister. I don’t charge to preach. I don’t charge to act. I’ve not been taught that way and I can see it in the scriptures. Whatever, we are given in appreciation and to support what we do, we take. But the bottom line is that I don’t go to just anywhere.

Just a minute with PVO.  What is it all about? 

Yeah, it’s my ruminations and mediation. It will come once in a week in video format. 60 seconds of sharing eternal truth weekly. It will take off June 3rd 2018. Every Sunday . We trust God that this will bless a lot of people.

How do you balance your tight schedule with your family?

My wife and children are part of what I do. Family is actually ministry. They are mutually inclusive. .. as much as we can, my wife and I move together for ministrations. Especially,  word ministrations and we carry the children along. Sometimes they follow us.

Like how many films have you produced or directed in the last two years?

Can’t say precisely. But I can remember ‘Husband of my Wife’ and ‘Akobi Laaroye’ movies, then I directed ‘Debby’s Room’ for Federal University of Technology,  Akure Christian Students.

As a producer/director. How will you rate gospel movie directors and actors?

We are not where we used to be. A lot of great improvements among our movie directors. Great directors are emerging!
Our actors are not doing badly at all. Fantastic brethren doing fantastic jobs… I’m one person that believes that the best actors are in the body of Christ! !! However,  there is room for us to improve because we can do better than what we are currently doing.

Can you direct secular job?

It’s like asking if a bird can start living in the ocean. No,  I cannot and the reason is simple. Secular and evangelical movies are not driven by the same ideology.
I consider it sheer waste of time and grace to get involved in what heaven will not benefit from. I’m a bound servant of Jesus.

How do you think gospel movie can improve?

It does not start with the story as some will say. It starts with the vessel telling or writing the story. Our lives must be acceptable to God.  Then the story must be good not shallow and lazy effort.
The casting, role interpretation and directing will go a long way to improve our delivery in the presentation of evangelical movie

Last question sir, if you are not in the Christian movie industry what else  will you possibly have been doing?

(Smiles) I will still be preaching the gospel. I will still be writing. I will still be winning souls for Jesus.

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