I’m fully ready to do talents discovery through auditions- Ben Ope Johnson


The next generation will ask questions. Trust me they will ask plenty… plenty… questions.

Some great talents are already discouraged. Some are confused. Some are embittered. Some are delusioned. Some are regretting.Some have given up. Some are feeling cheated. Some are angry and some are preparing to take drastic decisions.

This group of people are very talented. When I mean talented, they are very good. I’m not exaggerating, if given an opportunity, they can compete with the likes of Genevieve, Omotola, Rita Dominic, Ramseh Noah, etcetera.

I know so many talented actors (male and female) who yearly going from one Christian drama institute to another seeking for opportunities to act in christian films.

Some of them are very passionate about using their talents for God in order to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ through drama. They have been preached to in their churches to use their acting talent for God ( which is not bad anyway). Some even want to be like this or that gospel film actors.

In order to actualize their dreams, many have been encouraged by their pastors, deacons, parents, uncles, aunties, friends and relatives to the extent of paying for their tuitions in christian drama institute.

Some have acted in Christian films several times in their dreams. I’m sure angel has spoken to some people about acting in Christian movies.

Unfortunately, like Hannah in Shiloh, they keep looking forward to when organizers of such training schools will give them opportunities to feature in their films. Hope upon hope, waiting upon waiting. Prayer upon prayers, their expectations are not met. No major role in any movie. No extra role in movies.

My concern is letting this group of “frustrated” innocent people die unfulfilled. How can we help them without giving them chance to showcase their talents in films and television productions? How can we know their capabilities without conducting auditions?

Well, if no one is ready to give them opportunities, I’m fully ready to do talents discovery through auditions. So help me God because I want the best for your kingdom.


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