“IF WITCHES WERE HORSES” episode 22-24 by Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)


A Novel Written By: Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)

He stopped and waited for Odesola to meet up with him. He tried to imagine what Odesola had come to see him for that early morning. His expression was not sad neither was he happy. Silently, Morakinyo prayed that all was well with Eebudola. She had been the most zealous woman since the church started. She did not attend the prayers that morning. Morakinyo’s heart missed a bit!

“Pastor, wonders shall never end!” Odesola started, as he got to where, Morakinyo stood. “I went hunting overnight… as I was coming back home this morning what I saw is beyond my understanding, so I said I should warn you”

Odesola stopped, looked around carefully to be sure no one was watching. He drew closer, beckoned Morakinyo to come near and whispered into his ears. Morakinyo listened very carefully and smiled. He looked at Odesola again and laughed in a you-fool manner.

“Baba Derombi… you see, certainly, it was not my wife you saw. Some demons can take the appearance of some other people in order to do some mischief.”

Odesola thought he was dreaming. He stared at the pastor blindly. He was not listening again.

‘So this man will not believe me?’ He thought.

“Don’t be alarmed, such things can happen. They are all devices of the devil… that is the more reason why you should give your life to Jesus, so that when next you see such a thing you can plead the blood of Jesus”

“I see” said Odesola rather sarcastically. He did not believe a word of what Morakinyo had said. He simply strolled away refusing to pray as the pastor had suggested. He was too sure of what he saw.

A few metres away Sapentia stood near a brick wall smiling!

Odesola did not say a word to his wife, or any other person. The sight at the riverside shook him greatly. Each time he remembered the incident fear would grip him.

“Baba Derombi, won’t you take your breakfast now, already the sun is coming down!” Eebudola said after several attempts to convince her husband to eat had failed.

“Woman I am not in the mood for food…did you beg me to eat yesterday?” he charged at the woman; anger clearly written all over his face. Silently Eebudola packed away the food. She knew her husband would not speak again. Whenever he spoke with anger, no one could change his mind.

“From today, you go to that church no more!” Odesola said as Eebudola returned to pack the water jar and cup.

That night, Eebudola tried to sleep, but the events of the day were too disturbing. What could have prompted her husband to stop her from going to the church again? She had prepared pounded yam and isapa soup; Odesola’s favourite with the hope that after eating, she would kneel and plead again.

That was not to be anyway. The pounded yam was wasted; by morning it would be sour. She counted the rafters for the fourth time that night unsure of what she was really doing.
Suddenly she remembered one of sermons in the church, when the Pastor said prayers can do all things including softening the heart of any man. The pastor said they could plead the blood of Jesus into the food of such husband. She hissed loudly remembering that he would not take any food that night ‘What if he refuses food again?

She stayed awake for another hour. She stood from her bed and walked towards the small lantern at the door to put it off as the rays of light from the lantern would not allow her to sleep. As she lifted the glass shade of the lantern and moved towards her husband’s room. She heard him; he was snoring heavily Eebudola moved closer and prayed.

“If I can’t plead the blood of Jesus on his food I can do it to his room. Maybe it would work” She silently pleaded the blood of Jesus on his bed and room and quickly turned back. He must not see her praying. She had received several warnings not to pray when he is around. She could only pray when Odesola goes hunting!

She tiptoed back to her room, turned off the lantern and climbed her bed. She checked Deroju, her only son lying on the mat a few meters from her bed. She shook her head, hissed and tried to beat back the tears as she remembered that the same mat used to occupy five children before Orogojigo struck!

“Thank you Jesus” She spoke aloud. Morakinyo had told her to always say that each time she wants to feel depressed about her dead children and each time she does that, a kind of sweet peace will come upon her and would sometimes burst into local songs of praise.

Suddenly she heard her husband scream; the scream was piercing. She scrambled up, it was pitch dark. She had slept only moments ago and she heard him shoring. What could warrant screams in the middle of the night. The thoughts raced through her mind as she searched frantically for the box of matches. She wished she had not put off the lantern. She searched again, raised the pillow and there it was, she herself had put it there but the scaring screams had confused her.

She quickly lighted the lantern and rushed to Odesola‘s room as the screams continued. What she saw scared her! Odesola was there on the bed struggling desperately to breathe it was as if some strange weight pressed upon his back and legs. He struggled to break his neck free from the unseen force. His screams were gradually going down; he was dying!

Eebudola sat beside him shivering and shouting his name. She could see it; her husband was dying but she could not do anything. She wanted to scream for help, but she remembered no one would respond. Deaths in Onigba-Iwofa had become such a common phenomenon that when a family laments the passing away of their beloved, others simply shook their heads and continued normal activities. It was not strange to hear that someone had passed away.

She tried to imagine what could be wrong with her husband, ‘This cannot be drunkenness’ she thought ‘They have poisoned my husband!’
Nobody heard her despite the dead silence of the night. Only Deroju her six year old son stood behind her crying. The screams had woken him…She held Odesola and shook him, the pains had not stopped but his consciousness was gradually draining “In Jesus Name!” She suddenly shouted as she remembered that Morakinyo had thought them to say that.

Just then Strongone, who had stood there all along lifted his sword and struck Sapentia and Scorpia who held on to Odesola’s neck, they fell heavily on the floor.

“The blood of Jesus… the blood of Jesus“ Eebudola continued; completely ignorant of what was going on around her. Pepperine saw Scorpia and Sapentia fall on the floor, she stopped holding the legs and looked up, she saw Strongone; his eyes glowing like a hot furnace and she quickly avoided his eyes.

Strongone lifted his sword to strike Pepperine, she quickly bowed, fell to the floor to join her mates. Strongone ordered them up and sent them out of the house. Head bowed; the Daughters of the River walked out of the house and disappeared into the darkness.

Eebudola continued her litany of ‘Blood of Jesus’ She noticed Odesola had stopped screaming since she started the prayers. The pains had also stopped but he was not yet conscious. Strongone stooped beside him and removed two scales from his eyes.

“Baba Derombi are you okay?” She asked as she saw him open his eyes gradually.

“Where are they?” He asked.

“Who? ” Eebudola asked, puzzled.

“Three of them….two pressed my neck; one sat on my legs. Did you not see them?”

She hissed “Baba Derombi… you need to rest….You can sleep back” said Eebudola. She was sure her husband was still drunk, if not why would he claim he had seen some people when in actual fact there was none. She was amused.

“Iya Derombi…I mean what am saying. I’m not drunk…I knew I was drunk when I came in yesterday night but now I know what I’m saying”
Eebudola sat beside him on the bed. This was serious! Her husband was no longer drunk. If he knew he was drunk last night then, he was no longer drunk. Suddenly she remembered her husband posses a strange telescopic power he had inherited from his grandfather so, in actual fact he might have truly seen some three people.

“Who was shouting “Blood of Jesus?”

“…Me” Eebudola said carefully unsure of what her husband’s reaction to that would be.

“I saw a man wearing white with a sword; he attacked all of them and sent them out!”

“Jesus” Eebudola shouted out of fear and gratitude “Jesus…? You mean Jesus came in to this ……room?”

Odesola stood up and walked around as if trying to remember something “The Pastor’s wife!” He said unconsciously as he remembered that Sapientia and the other two wore the same garment she saw the Pastor’s wife transforming from at the riverside.

“Pastor’s wife? What happened to her?” asked Eebudola. Odesola quickly stopped speaking.

“I said what happened to the Pastor’s wife” Eebudola asked again becoming more suspicious.

“Nothing” Odesola replied sharply.

There was an uneasy silence, the two stared at each other, not knowing whether to speak or not. Eebudola knew something strange was happening to her husband, but he would not talk. She would have to speak with the Pastor the next day.

The incident shook Odesola to the marrow of his bones such that for seven days after that incident he did not go for hunting, he was too scared. He had told his wife everything that happened and resolved to become a Christian but definitely not in Morakinyo’s church!

Eebudola could not believe her ears when Odesola told her everything! For her it was joy with mixed feelings. The Lord had removed the scale of spiritual blindness from her husband’s eyes but now a great hindrance lies in the presence of Oyinkansola, the Pastor‘s wife suspected of being an agent of darkness !

Odesola and Eebudola kept the discovery to themselves alone there was no way they could tell Morakinyo himself. He would assume they want to scatter his marriage. The news must not break out among the villagers; else the woman will be stoned! Odesola warned his wife sternly to keep sealed lips while they pray for God’s intervention.

Eebudola did not attend the church again. Though, Odesola had insisted she must not go again; she herself had lost interest completely. She knew Morakinyo was sincere and innocent but the events of that fateful night was too painful. So, Eebudola believed the best thing to do was to stop attending the church; at least that would keep the woman away from their family.

So she thought!

When Morakinyo left Ibadan for the Onigba-Iwofa, one of those who strongly opposed him was Mrs. Shade Durotoye, his elder sister. Though a born again Christian, Mrs. Durotoye saw no wisdom in a young man quitting his job for a missionary assignment in the village at a time when “the fruits of his labour were getting ripe” At that time, she thought Morakinyo was being directed by some evil forces until Pastor Kalejaye educated her better.

“Mama Lanre, all your brother needs is your prayers, because he has taken a hard but right decision” The Pastor said after Mrs. Durotoye had poured out her hearts amidst sobs “I’m sure you want the world evangelized …?”

He paused to get an answer from her, and then she nodded. “Good …. The truth is that some people will have to go… The white men who brought the gospel to us risked their lives in order that we may be blessed. Some of us have got to take the gospel to others. Thank God the risks are lesser these days”

Pastor Kalejaye’s counsel did wonders! Mrs. Durotoye changed her mind. Afterwards, the reports of the successes of Morakinyo at Onigba-Iwofa reaching the mother church further helped persuade her that her brother was doing something worthwhile. She soon started sincere prayers for her brother in addition to various supplies of provisions through the Church Missions Coordinator.

When eventually, the news reached the home church at Ibadan that Morakinyo had married, Mrs Durotoye thought her brother must have gone nuts! She wondered why Morakinyo, her only brother would take such a step without letting her know about it. Not only was Morakinyo her only sibling, he had grown up under her.

Morakinyo had lived with her throughout the period of his studies at the University for his first and second degrees. When she heard the news about his brother’s marriage to an unknown lady, Mrs. Durotoye made up her mind to pay Morakinyo a surprise visit and talk some sense into his head.
On three occasions, she had attempted to embark on the journey to Morakinyo’s mission base at Onigba-Iwofa but one thing after the other kept her back. On one occasion, a message from her boss in Abuja to report at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport to welcome a High Powered Delegation from the First Lady of Germany was what hindered her traveling. By the time all the formalities were concluded, she could not travel again.

When she eventually took her annual leave, she seized the opportunity to see her brother at Onigba-Iwofa. Deacon Layade, the Missions Department Coordinator had given her detailed description of how to get to the town. She decided to go by public transport. Mrs. Durotoye had never driven fifty kilometers at a stretch. To compound the problem, her official driver cannot travel with her since she’s on leave. The question of traveling in her car was completely out of place. Public transport was the only possible option.

The journey turned out to be for Mrs. Durotoye’s a rigorous adventure. The rough roads, the rickety vehicles and the dust, all combined their efforts to render her very uncomfortable. By the time she arrived the village in company of Akinlolu, her nine year old son, she was not only exhausted but also thirsty. The two one-litre bottles of pure natural water she bought at Ojoo Ibadan where they boarded a vehicle to Shaki had been exhausted.

The vehicle from Shaki to Sepeteri was worse; a mammy wagon that carried almost twice the number of passengers it was built to contain. Beads of sweat ran freely down her face as she inched her way towards the village parsonage. One of the villagers they met at the market square had volunteered to take them to Morakinyos house.

“Good afternoon here!” She said almost shouting as soon as they got to the house. She wanted water badly. She shouted again, no response came… yet the door was not locked. Mrs. Durotoye peeped inside and called again, this time around she sighed heavily. Already the woman who brought them had gone. She felt she could have asked her where they could buy bottled water. Suddenly, she remembered she was no longer in Ibadan.

“Only God knows if the villagers have ever seen bottled water in their lives”
She sat down on a wooden bench outside the house and waited. “Akinlolu, we have to wait for your Uncle here. Who knows, he might have gone to the Church” She explained.

“Church? He goes to church at this time of the day?” queried Akinlolu, her nine year old son. He has a penchant for querying almost everything. His mother had nicknamed him “Mr Why this?” Akinlolu would ask questions until the person being questioned gets fed up or annoyed.

“Sometimes, a Pastor may need to be at the church to attend to pressing spiritual matters at any time of the day” His mother explained.

“Does Uncle have an office in his Church like the Pastor in our Church? Does he ……?”

“No no!” Mrs. Durotoye interrupted. “No more questions, I’m thirsty okay?

“Sister!” Morakinyo’s voice rang out from the opposite direction; he had sighted the visitor in front of his house. He had only left the house about ten minutes ago to see the King who sent for him. Normally, Morakinyo and his wife are not used to locking the door except when they‘ll be away for long. No one would dare enter the Pastor’s house to steal or play some pranks.

A Novel Written By: Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)

“Sister!” Morakinyo’s voice rang out from the opposite direction; he had sighted the visitor in front of his house. He had only left the house about ten minutes ago to see the King who sent for him. Normally, Morakinyo and his wife are not used to locking the door except when they‘ll be away for long. No one would dare enter the Pastor’s house to steal or play some pranks.

Akinlolu had jumped off the bench and ran towards Morakinyo even before his mother heard the voice. His sharp eyes had caught Morakinyo afar off.

“Ha ! Morakinyo, the village Pastor!” Mrs. Durotoye shouted as Morakinyo drew close and prostrated. Morakinyo does that always whenever he sees Mrs. Durotoye. A thirteen-year age gap existed between them. So, Morakinyo gives her sister the maximal cultural respect. She embraced him and held him close for almost thirty seconds. She had not seen her brother for a whole year.

Streams of tears flowed down her eyes as she remembered the sweet memories they had shared together when they were young and when Morakinyo stayed with her at Ibadan during his undergraduate and postgraduate days. A very emotional woman, she finds it easy to shed tears easily. She had cried like that, the day before Morakinyo departed for the village.

“Sister this is a pleasant surprise, we were not expecting you, and you did not send a message”

“Well I didn’t have the luxury of time to plan ahead” She said as Morakinyo led her and Akinlolu into the house.

“I had planned to come next month but had to change that arrangement as my Boss insisted I have to be with her on an official trip to Indonesia, so I decided to proceed on my annual leave this month” She explained. “Pele, is all well?” She said patting his back lovingly.

“Please have your seat, let me get you something to cool down; my wife has gone to the next village. One of our Churches there is having her Women’s Week. She’ll be there for two days. It’s unfortunate you came when she’s not around”

“Wife?” Mrs. Durotoye said pretending she has not heard about the marriage “Morakinyo! You‘re married? How, when, where and to whom…?” The questions came thundering one after the other.

Mrs. Durotoye was boiling with anger. That her only sibling got married without informing her was nothing but an abomination as far as she was concerned. The thirst had suddenly disappeared as the anger she had kept ever since the news of Morakinyo’s secret wedding filtered to the Church in Ibadan finally burst.

All the while she had hoped that the news was only a rumour or the figment of someone’s imagination, but now that Morakinyo had opened his mouth to say ‘my wife has gone to the next village’ then, certainly the news was not only true but officially confirmed.

“Sister, am very sorry…. the issue is a long story. I must confess, I did not deliberately refused to get you informed, it’s just that it came at a time when we could not afford the time to come for the marriage in Ibadan”

As Morakinyo spoke, Mrs Durotoye eyed him angrily. She felt like slapping him. ‘Very busy indeed’ She said to herself.

“Moreover, we did not want it to be a noisy affair, that was why we decided to do everything here in the village… I’m sorry Ma” He bent to prostrate.

“Sorry for what!” Mrs Durotoye’s voice thundered. She has an unusually loud voice, even when she thinks she is whispering, a third person about ten metres away would hear whatever she was saying without straining the ear.

“This is the most stupid decision you have ever taken in your life! How dare you do that? You have only insulted me, you got married and I your only Sister was not informed, yet I never traveled out of the country. Even if I traveled abroad, I would expect that you’ll wait for me to return before fixing a date. It shows how much importance you attach to me in your life…Thank you” She concluded with a rather emotional voice.

“I’m sorry Sister, I really did not mean to insult you, it was just unavoidable. We’ll still come home for a proper wedding ceremony. We’re planning that for the New Year….please don’t be annoyed with us” Morakinyo pleaded.

“Annoyance? Why should I or anyone be annoyed? The deed is done?” She said sarcastically. Morakinyo knew he was in for a show down from his Sister, he stood up and prostrated, stretching himself fully on the bare floor.

“Sister, please, I’m sorry I mean it” Morakinyo was sincerely apologetic now. For the first time since he married, it suddenly dawned on him that he had done a foolish thing by getting married without informing his closest relatives and the church that sent him on the missionary work.

He wondered what led him into that decision. He tried to remember his convictions then but none seen to come back to memory. It was as if a scale of blindness was removed from his eyes and he felt guilty. Mrs. Durotoye sat there staring at him unsure of what to say…. all of a sudden, she burst into tears.

The following day, Mrs. Durotoye was ready to return to Ibadan. The early morning lorry would depart Onigba-Iwofa at six-thirty in the morning. Whoever misses the first trip would have to wait for the second and final trip around 12noon. It was most uncomfortable for her to leave by six in the morning, but she was not willing to stay any longer with Morakinyo. She was still battling to find a place in her heart to forgive her only brother.

“So Morakinyo we will be expecting you in Ibadan”

“No problem Ma, please tell the Pastor that I will come before the end of the month…Ah lest I forget” Mrs Durotoye said as she bent to pick her hand bag from the cane chair in the sitting room.

“My husband asked me to give you this envelope, he said he would love to be used of God to support your mission work” She pulled out a cream envelope from her bag and handed it over to Morakinyo.

“Ah Sister, thank you very much…that was thoughtful of your husband” He said, opening the envelope. He pulled out the first bundle of fifty naira notes; apparently the second bundle contained the same amount. “Jesus Christ! This is much! God bless your husband. Definitely, the money here can’t be less than one thousand naira, God bless him”
“Amen, we give God all the glory” She adjusted her bag and prayed for Morakinyo his wife and the Church.

‘’O ya Akinlolu, let’s go. This is quarter past six, we must get to the park in ten minutes’’

What happened next was beyond Mrs. Durotoye’s expectation and explanation. Akinlolu sat there on the chair and refused to stand.

“Mummy please I want to stay with uncle in this village. I love to stay here” Akinlolu insisted. Morakinyo was amused, only moments ago Akinlolu was rushing to get ready for the early morning trip. No one could see him them and imagine that minutes later, he would refuse to go again “Children!” Morakinyo said amusingly.

“What’s wrong this boy? Was that part of our arrangement before we left Ibadan, ehhn?” Mrs. Durotoye was getting angry now.

“I want to spend my holiday here, at least we are not going to school” He held on to Morakinyo. “Uncle please let me stay with you. I don’t want to go home now” He complained almost crying.

“Sister, why don’t you allow him to stay some days with me? I’ll bring him myself” Morakinyo came in.

“But he attends a summer school” Mrs. Durotoye said in defence.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll return him on Tuesday; he’ll only miss two days”

“Alright, he can stay with you since you promised to bring him by Tuesday, thank God his father has traveled, if not….”

“I understand” Morakinyo said smiling “What of Lanre?” He asked.

“Ah it is well; he’s also coming home this weekend. The campus closed for the semester day before yesterday, we expect him today or tomorrow…ah fine, maybe he should even come over to pick Akinlolu, you may not need to come in that case” She offered.

“That would be fine; I’ll come to Ibadan next month in that case as earlier planned”

“Akinlolu, you can stay with your uncle but make sure you don’t bed wet here!”

“Haba! Stop giving him bad names now….” he said as he escorted her to the park.

The following day Oyinkansola arrived from the next village where she had represented her husband effectively. Her usual display of love and care for the women at Aponbiede Village Church stole their hearts. They wondered why the women in the Onigba-Iwofa Church had been so ungrateful to have deserted their Church.

The news of desertion going of there had reached the other entire villages where churches had been planted by Morakinyo. The other churches were thriving! Accusing fingers were pointed at Eebudola, the most recent deserter of the Church; they called her names and concluded she probably was a witch!

As soon as she returned from Aponbiede, she noticed a change in the atmosphere of the house, the temperature was unusually high. She tried to fish out the source but could not. Morakinyo noticed her restlessness.
“You’ve been restless since you returned from Aponbiede this morning… anything?”

“Oh nothing really” She said quickly adjusting herself “I must have been worn out by the activities of the past two days” She smiled, trying to cover her discomfort.

“I guess you need to rest” Morakinyo said putting a loving arm across her neck and gave her a peck. He noticed her body temperature had risen “Oh my God!” He said still holding her.

“What’s that? …My temperature…? I’ll soon get over it” She said and gave a reassuring smile.

“Maybe you should take a cold shower before going to sleep” Morakinyo advised.

What she eventually took that night was not a shower but several showers, the more she poured water on her body the more her temperature increased. She knew something was wrong but she could not identify it. She would investigate further in the night when Sapientia and Scorpio arrive to invite her for the meeting at the palace of the Queen under the Katangua Sea.

At exactly eleven fifty at night, Oyinkansola opened her eyes and got ready to enter the spirit realm as usual through astral travel. Her first and second attempts failed. She looked at Morakinyo and thought maybe he was not sleeping. She wrong, Morakinyo was fast asleep. She lied back on the bed and tried for the third time to ease out of her physical body but a strange force was hindering!

Scorpio and Sapientia had arrived and were sending her signals but strangely, she could not leave her body; yet she has to come out of her body before she can attend the meeting.

She lied there on the bed thinking of what to do. Her mind raced quickly to what would befall her if she failed to attend or come late to the meeting. Several rounds of hurting sex and inhuman beatings from the huge male agents who double as the Queen’s body guards.

She tried again and again but failed! She wondered why Scorpio and Sapientia stayed outside in first place. In recent times, they’ve had free access into the Parsonage since Greatone had become weakened, but today was different! She walked round the room and searched for any sign of Greatone or other angels. None of them was around. Angrily she stood up and stormed to the backyard where the duo of Scorpio and Sapientia stood beckoning to her.

“Scorpio! Sapientia! What the hell is going on here why did you refuse to come, inside can’t you see I’m finding it difficult to get out of my body” She charged at them, her eyes sparkling with anger.

It was her first time of speaking to them that way since they commenced the operations.

“Why do you talk like a child” It was Scorpio’s turn to charge back.

“What do you mean?” Oyinkansola was infuriated! Scorpio was not the one to speak to her in that manner. Not only was she below her in ranks, she was meant to assist in the operation and not command.

“Princess Hagatha, Scorpio is right….Look and see” Sapientia said pointing to the right corner of the house. Greatone was standing there at alert with renewed vigour, his sword stretched out shining in the dark. Two junior angels stood beside him with their swords also drawn.

Fear came over Oyinkansola. If there was any one she dreaded, it was Greatone. The last encounter Scorpio and Sapientia had with him was devastating. For a whole week, they could not operate in the village. They both sustained serious injuries. Only Pepperine who quickly surrendered before Greatone struck escaped unhurt.

“No wonder!” Oyinkansola said. Memories of the day now streamed back; she understood why her temperature had risen without cause.
“I never knew these terrible creatures have returned; but how come they’re guarding here again? I thought as far as Morakinyo is concerned they have been weakened…. I know Morakinyo can’t command them again.” Oyinkansola said, still confused over the entire scenario.

“That boy your Sister-in-law brought here yesterday is the cause of all these!” Scorpio offered explanation. “His presence brought those junior angels, he is a firebrand just like his mother. The anointing of the Son of The Owner is upon him as young as he is” Sapientia explained further.

“I see, but who strengthened Greatone again? Definitely not Morakinyo, he has not been praying in recent times, so who did?” Oyinkansola said with deep concern, her mission was at stake.

“That, we cannot explain, it’s a secret we cannot see, we too got here now and found him revived” Scorpio said carefully.

“It’s alright but how do I get to the meeting tonight… I have tried all tricks that I know, it won’t just work, what can I do now?” She said pitifully, she was almost crying.

“I don’t know Princess Hagatha” Sapientia said with most pity.
“Scorpio, do you have any idea?”

“Not at all, I have never experienced this before” Scorpio said sympathetically. “Maybe…” Sapientia stopped suddenly and screamed… “The alarm!”

It was five minutes to midnight; they must get to the palace within two minutes. “Princess Hagatha we have to go, the alarm is ringing, we shall explain the new developments to Her Majesty!”

Seconds later; Oyinkansola was standing there alone in the dark, tears swelled up in her eyes… She was in for trouble with the Queen, she silently wished that Sapientia and Scorpio would be able to put up a strong defence for her or else… trouble!

She opened the door and tip-toed inside; she closed the door and slowly turned around… She stiffened and almost jumped out of her skin as she saw what she least expect! Morakinyo was standing at the door to the room, a cover cloth loosely tied around his loins.

“Oh! You scared me!” said Oyinkansola; breaking the silence that followed.

“Where are you coming from?” Morakinyo asked.

“I went to ease myself” She lied.

“Outside! At this hour of the night! You should have used the toilet inside”

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