Idy Smith premiers 3 movies, hosts discourse on family matters


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The film production ministry based in Ibadan, Idy Smith Inscriptions has premiered three of its movies again alongside a discourse on how to balance family and career.

According to report, the films screened include Ride out: Written, directed and produced by Idy Smith; Peach: directed by Freedom Irabo, written and produced by Idy Smith; Happy people: directed by Ade Taiwo Adejumobi, written and produced by Idy Smith.

Gospel Film News gathered that the programme was held at Living Faith Church, Ibadan early June was a compelling moment of self evaluation for couples and individuals on personal, career and family goals.

The programme which was themed “ Balancing Career and Family Success” has Professor J.k.Ayantayo, Pst S.A.M & Dr (Mrs) T.A. Adebowale as discussant while Idy Smith was the host.

It would be noted that opening speech was given by the Productions Manager of Idy Smith Inscriptions, Mr. Ade Taiwo Adejumobi and Davies, Dance House Int’l, Eagle’s voice & Glorious Voice ministered while Uncle Companion cracked people up in a comedy session.

The Resident Pastor, Pastor Yinka Emiloju  and the Assistant Resident Pastor of the church, Pastor Oluseyi Olajide afterwards prayed for individuals, homes and careers.


Below are reports from participants:

 ‘Yemi Orimobi

“The show was the blue in the sky, the rain to the earth and the sun of the day. It was indeed impactful especially the discussion aspect. It was perfectly organized, the films were short but weighty. To me, it was a great reminder on how to synchronize goals with my spouse. God bless Idy Smith inscriptions.”


Oluwaseun Adedapo

“Balancing career and family success to me is a program that has helped to put a reality check to the societal demands and pressure placed on spouses these days. Experiences and opinions shared by the discussants really helped to shape my mind towards making necessary adjustment in order to live fulfilled in my family and career. It has helped to demystify lots of perceptions and misgivings about marriage and I believe this has geared me to move a step ahead towards achieving my success in all aspects of my life. Thank you.”

Ugege Leonard

“I consider the program a great privilege to be imparted. We are in a world where people find it difficult to balance career and still have family success. One of the great lessons I learnt is the unity of purpose in a family, and also family goals which will determine the kind of career a father, mother and children will eventually settle for. Another thing I learnt was transparency and effective communication among couples.

Lastly we should not force our children to study what we parent desire but allow God to decide the pursuit of our children. I want to plead with couples and intending couples to adopt the law of compatibility in career and family visions which will go a long way to determine the success of a family thank you.”


Deaconess Busola Emiloju

(Wife of the resident Pastor, LFC Agbowo)


“It was a great and a successful program. The three guest speakers were on point and people got to know how easy it can be to combine career and family.

 Prof. Ayantayo shared his experience with the family while he was building his career; he talked about having the interest of the family while at it, communicating with each and everyone on a daily basis irrespective of his busy schedule.

 He also stated that Trust is a Paramount factor to be considered in mending both career and family. Pastor and Dr. Mrs. Adebowale made people to understand that the greatest title you can attained in life is to get married and to remain in it even while you pursue your career at any level because it will bring you satisfaction and honour even in your working place. But as a lady, never you allow your career to get into your brain at home in order for you to balance the two and be fulfilled.

 Baba specifically says as a man you need not to be jealous of your wife’s achievement academically but rather go on your kneels on her behalf to be successful because it a pride for you as a man.”



“Until that moment, I never knew that my personal goals were affecting my spouse negatively. We’ve been able to make amends afterwards.”

Pastor Oluseyi Olajide



“I judged Idy Smith Inscriptions and Joel Company Agbowo as spiritually and intelligently painting the exact pictures God had in mind when He instituted marriage.


God united Adam (who was assigned to keep the garden) with Eve (who had a divergent goal of caregiving; helpmeet) all into one big family with a common purpose of governing the entire earth (success).


Your presentation(s) helped remind us of the original intent of God in blending our life assignment (career) with our family.

God bless Idy Smith Inscriptions and Joel Company Agbowo.”


Idy Smith disclosed that they are working on releasing a short video of the session and all films premiered will be on our YouTube channel (Idy Smith Inscriptions) soon.



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