Idy Smith Inscriptions premieres 3 short movies, inspires audience


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A production outfit, Idy Smith Inscriptions in collaboration with the Joel Company, Agbowo has premiered three short films and left the audience inspired.

The premiere which took place in Ibadan on Sunday 3rd of March scooped audience from different parts of Ibadan land relived some of the audience of some burden, while many others were highly blessed.

Gospel Film News correspondent who was live at the premiere reports that the three titles premiered were Mishmash, One of us and Set me free sequentially. ‘Mishmash’ is a story about timing and patience, telling viewers not to be in haste that God’s plan and blessings come at the right time and anyone should not try to eat all his/her cake at a time. The movie was coined around the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1. ‘One Of Us’ on the other hand is a Godly inspired story addressing issues surrounding Christendom in this generation in particular. The story revolves around a backslider whom instead of fellow brethren to pray for and show much love to get him back to the fold they started backbiting and saying all sort of things behind him save for his wife and the pastor who stood the gap, call some other brethren to intercede for him and he was restored to God’s glory.

‘Set Me Free’ preaches unforgiveness. The film portrays a lady who was defiled via rape and she vows never to forgive the perpetrator despite he has given his life to Christ and ask for forgiveness. The film depicts that anyone who doesn’t forgive has put him/herself in a bondage. It was pegged on Mathew chapter 5 where Jesus says anyone who doesn’t forgive will not receive forgiveness of sin from God neither.


Below are some of the comments and advise from few audience of the premiere:

Let me just say to you, this is the first time I’m celebrating individual and before I can celebrate individual there is what I will see. The Lord spoke to me about Idy Smith, He said ‘support her, she is my daughter and I’ve endowed somethings on her.’ That’s why I’ve put all my life to support her and I know she is going places. She is the lady that the whole world is waiting for, the Nollywood is waiting for her. You see, one thing I have noticed about that girl is she listens, she is open to corrections and she is ready to take step in anything irrespective of the so called challenges, that’s one thing about her and she prays a lot, she loves God. The day I knew that she is a Master’s Degree Holder I was shocked and I know God will go ahead of her in Jesus name.


I’m a theatre artist, a coach, an athlete, sport man and a barber. I got information of the premiere via WhatsApp, I usually see some of Idy Smith Inscriptions movies on WhatsApp and YouTube and I got invited by her via WhatsApp. I actually saw one of the movies, I was privileged to sit with two of my colleagues that are theatre artist likewise, and I was told the first movie shown was far better than the second one and the third movie was just too loud and we can’t make much of what the actors and actresses are saying but all in all its still a nice production. The video shoot is perfect, the only thing I can criticize there is the sound, the sound is just too much for people to hear; atimes its too loud and atimes the actors are not that projecting. My advice is she should keep going, she is doing a great job and one thing myself and my colleagues criticized today is most of her movies are always love related. Maybe she should divert a little, all her films shouldn’t be about love. All her movies is being directing people back to Christ right? So, she should talk about that Okada guy or something from the ghetto, it shouldn’t be all about love.


I’m a member of this church, Winners chapel, Agbowo. In one of our programmes the premiere was announced and coupled with the fact that we have known them before. I am also a close friend to one of the actors.

It was ok, it was not bad, I think this is the first time, I don’t know if they have produced any before but I believe this is the first time and I think it can be improved on most especially the sound but aside that the acting was ok, the sound was not too ok, the background sound was a little bit higher than the normal voice of the actors. I learnt a lot of lessons and the most striking one was the one where the actor was over eating, over consuming, so I actually learnt a lot of lesson from that. I learnt that one doesn’t have to eat much in order not to take in a lot of things but one should be satisfied at every point in time.

My advice is: this is a good job, though it needs to be improved on, they should stick to it. Over the years she has been improving her directing and everything. I think she should stick to it but there are a lot of job to be done. Whatever one does for long continuously needs to be improved on and with time it will be better.


I’m a playwright, a poet, a drama critic. The person in charge, Idy invited me. It’s not bad, firstly, in every art there is a kind of creativity put into it, so generally I must congratulate her, she did a very nice job, a very nice attempt but she needs to work on some areas. No one is perfect actually, even the icons. She needs to improve on her script, that’s number one. She needs to improve on her content because when you keep repeating content you make your audience bored, so she needs to sit down and make research about what is happening in present situation. People want to see a reflection of them on screen not the normal storyline. So she needs to really work on her content, do research, read books, meet people and share ideas, with that she will be fine.

My advice for her is she should keep being consistent, she should not stop because every attempt is just like a breakthrough. This is how Mount Zion started, they started from somewhere like this through church drama and later made a big name. she should just continue and work on her content like I said earlier, then she should just pray.


I’m an entrepreneur and an educationist. The one I saw that I really enjoyed, that caught me that ministered to me was the third movie and it was titled ‘set me free’. I think I’ve been in that position before and it’s about unforgiveness. Once you don’t forgive you don’t move forward, once you don’t forgive it’s like a stone in your heart. When I was watching the movie I was like I’ve been in that position and I really need to set myself free. I got the message and it was really inspiring. Idy Smith Inscription is a very lovely company; I see them going places. It all started like a joke with Idy Smith and I’m so happy for the director and everyone. It’s not up to six months that they started and its really going far. I’m happy for them.


I’m into theatre production, I’m a contractor by profession, I graduated from the department of theatre art in University of Ibadan. The producer sent me the invite. They are nice attempt, at least you find a way to start. It’s not everybody that will have that professional start-up. I see it as a movement of young people trying to do something; you help me I help you in return, you are growing as a cinematographer, I am growing as a writer, you are growing as a sound person, we are not perfect but we have to come together, put our own thing together and do what we have to do, that’s how I see it. We actually started the movement together but somethings took me away professionally that I’m really not available.

As a company I will advise that you people need to go more radical not necessarily professional for now. You don’t wait till you have perfect condition to actually make a skit but there are some basic things that you must put under check; the sound is very important because if there is no communication there is no theatre, you cannot hear what I’m saying, I’m not telling you anything and the graphics too, the cinematographer needs to work more on his picture, the director needs to be very sure of his/her shot, the editor need to give us more cutaway shots and within the shortest time, since it’s a skit not a full length film, we want to know the whole story, the beginning and the end. So where he needs to fast forward he fast forwards as an editor, where you need to slow it down and you want people to pick action of the moment let them pick it, so those are the things that will really encourage people to watch your skit. Then where you need to actually embellish your line.

There are times that you don’t really want to preach the cinematography part of your production or the sound but your craft is what you want to sell in that particular movie. For example, Woli Arole, he will just take a phone to do his skit, it means that his skit is not based on camera movement or sound, what he wants to sell is his own craft. The director needs to know ‘per skit what do we want to sell’ and that’s what makes people to watch your production.


I was the DOP on the set and I also edited the movies. You know when you are on set there are always challenges. On this our set particularly, we had challenge of equipment, we had to manage some of the equipment that are available for us. Secondly, being able to control our location was a challenge that we have to manage locations so, we could not totally control the environment. We had background noises and lastly I will say that, you know most of the actors we used are not fulltime actors, they are not really professionals like that. It took us more time than normal to get the job done because you might be shooting and see someone forget their line and you have to start from the top again. Basically, those are the top three challenges that we faced.

Personally I will say I am satisfied with what we produced. Yes, we can do better, yes we can improve but that’s the essence of what we are doing and as we grow we are going to keep improving but for the level we are I think we have done what I would have wanted us to do and we have learnt from what we have done, we have learnt from our mistake and we are going to apply those things we have learnt to do something better.

At the premiere, there was also cutting of cake for the birthday celebration of the Production Manager of Idy Smith Inscriptions, Ade Taiwo Adejumobi with her twin sister, Kehinde whose birthday falls on 4th of March, 2019.

It may interest you to know that all the films premiered were given to anyone who desire at a token of one hundred naira (#100). The premiere which started around 4pm ended around 6:30pm with series of prayers.




Idy Smith addressing the audience before the   premiere starts.

Idy Smith Inscriptions Crew in a group photograph.

Idy Smith Inscriptions crew celebrating with the twins.

     Pastor Emiloju & Wife at the premiere


                   Programme Anchor


                 Idy Smith


L-R: Kehinde, Idy Smith and Taiwo Adejumobi cutting the birthday cake.


                            Audience reaction

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