I thought only fornicators, wicked people will go to hell- Mike Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu


The doyen of Christian drama and legendary filmmaker, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has opened up that for years he had thought that only fornicators and immoral people will go to hell until he came in contact with a scripture.


He made this open today July 11, 2019 via the DRAMA MINISTERS YEAR OF OVERFLOWING EXPANSIONS daily devotional. Bamiloye who was using the book of Matthew 25:24-28, 30 as reference stated that: “I had thought only fornicators and immoral people and all unbelievers would be cast out into the OUTER DARKNESS where there shall be ETERNAL WEEPING and Gnashing of teeth. I had thought, only the wicked shall be cast into Hell, I NEVER KNEW THAT ALL UNPROFITABLE SERVANTS shall also have their portions in Outer Darkness where there will be Weeping and Gnashing of teeth.”


Gospel Film News gathered that while explaining today’s topic which was entitled “USING OR WASTING THE MASTER’S RESOURCES” Bamiloye emphasized that he had thought he could do whatever he like with his gift and talents, adding that he had thought he is the owner of his gift and talents and could decide to use it anytime he like or even bury it till he has enough time to use for the Lord but never thought refusal to use the gift and talent for the master could amount to ending one’s earthly journey in eternal Outer Darkness and Gnashing of Teeth.


“I had never thought disobedience to the order of the Master to trade with the gift and make a profit of souls to Him would amount to spending eternity with the godless and the wicked.


“I must die empty of all gifts and talents in me. But I must appear before the Master with my hands full of the 100% harvest of souls as profit of the talent of Drama given to me by Him when I was coming into the world. No wonder the Holy Spirit kept nudging me to loosen up and release all the full potentials of the talent to Him. No wonder He kept encouraging us all to pay all the PRICE to win all the PRIZE.


“No wonder the Holy Spirit was prodding my spirit to allow all men access to my movies. No wonder The Lord has been moving some drama ministers to use all opportunities they’ve got to affect the souls of men positively. Many drama ministers and ministries in and outside of Nigeria are laboring unseen in cities and remote places to make a 100% profit of souls on the talents deposited in their life by the Lord. They want to appear before the Master with harvests of the field.


“So, a child of God may not be a fornicator, adulterer, covetous person, proud, etc and still be cast out into Outer Darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, if he refuses to make a 100% use of the Gift/Talent deposited in him or her by the Master. The writing skill of some children of God has been buried, or else, we would have been able to find several inspiring Gospel fictional stories in place of James Hardly Chase and Mills and Boom and all those unedifying fictional books that populate our bookshops.


“Some children of God are fantastic poets and their poems would have been ruling the academic world by now. But the gift and talent are buried deep in the ground of their heart. We do not have published drama books in our bookshops because many who are gifted script writers only want to write for filming and when the opportunity to film their scripts has not shown up, they are discouraged and the talent is buried deep down in their heart.


“Some gifted writers’ amount the children of God are wasting their writing gifts and talents to write rubbish and nonsensical on the social media networks. They abuse the grace of God and the gift of ability to write literary pieces; they write about so many irrelevances. Many of them would have been known to be fantastic Inspiring Writers of Words of Grace and comfort by now, but the gifts of writing in them have been misused.


“The Investor in Heaven is patiently waiting for a full return of 100% harvest profits. I want to die empty of all visions and ideas in me. I want to pour all out and invest in the life of people and appear before my Maker, the Investor in Heaven with the full Harvest in my hand.


“Your beautiful broadcast voice is being wrongly used to cast jokes in the office. Your power of speech has been turned into a vessel of Comedy. Your wonderful sonorous voice is only being enjoyed in your kitchen and bathroom, because you have no time for the rigors of the church choir. You have access to recording studios, but it never occurred to you to make use of the opportunities to record some radio drama or inspiring interludes.


“Check deep inside of you, there is a deposit of talent there buried in the corner of your heart. Or check very well if this talent is being well utilized so that you would not be in danger of appearing before the Master without the 100% profit required.


“Has your ambitions buried your VISIONS? Has your career submerged your TALENTS? Has your Profession drowned your CALLING? Check well, for there is something inside of you The Lord has deposited, from which He is patiently waiting for your arrival with a 100% RETURNS,” Bamiloye stated.

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