“I AM Not Part Of Those Who Criticized Your Appearing, I Welcome You Into My Life,” Femi Adebile Writes Open Letter To New Naira Note


By Joy Adeosun


Gospel Actor and filmmaker Femi Adebile has written an open letter to the new Naira.

Femi Adebile made this statement in a post on social media on Wednesday. He stressed that “I am not part of those who Criticized your appearing, even though we expected a new cloth on you, but we still appreciated your color graded appearing.


Adebile explained that whether people like money or not, it still possess the grade to enthrone and dethrone, whether people like it or not Naira is still the legal tender, although seem to be in Egypt, Babylon and the Gentiles, but God has ordered that it be converted to him from there.


“So therefore, I welcome you into my life, I receive you with joy into my space, I received you into my ministry and calling whichever form you have come is fine by me, just make sure you keep flowing around my tables. Although many people have pretended they don’t need you, many have pretended that your presence is carnal and evil, many have preached against you as though you aren’t good to have, even though they have a lot of you in their lives and ministries, but I celebrate your existence as you have been useful, even my God has ordered you to come to those who is successful in the assignment of soul prosperity, see for yourself nah!


Femi Adebile stressed that so vin this your new color of appearing geometrically multiply yourself in my life and ministry ,there is so much to be done with you ,I have not criticized your appearing, I love you with the love of God, continue to be my servant as I send you forth for the kingdom, I have never pursued you before,and I will not now.


Welcome Dear New Naira. Make Haste For The Masters’ Work Requires Haste

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