By ’Wale Kayode

I hate being called a thief. So I do strive never to be one. I hate dishonesty with the whole of my heart. So, I try always to be honest till on Saturday 14th of January, 2023 when I heard GOD whispered to my ears that “I am a thief, if I don’t …”.

Before I dive into the “If I don’t …”. Permit me to establish who a thief is with an illustration and further elucidations from the normal terms you know.

What should we call this; when the Chairman of a company hands a company to you to manage and you fail to use the resources he gave you to run the company, but you rather divert the resources for your own selfish interest. That is stealing, no other name but stealing. Stealing is complex beyond picking pockets, hijacking people’s money, clothes and the likes.

God whispered to me and made me understand:
I am a thief, if I don’t use the resources He gave me for His glory.

I am a thief, if I don’t use the talents/gifts He gave me for His Kingdom business.

I am a thief, if I don’t help the poor with the money He has given to me.

I am a thief, if I despitefully use those He has put under my care to cater for.


I am a thief, if I make dormant the gifts He has endowed me with, when there are lives He has allocated to me to help through His gifts in me.

I am a thief, if I claim I did miracles which GOD did through me.

I am a thief, if I withhold resources and blessings that belong to others.

Are you not a thief? Are you not using the talents/gifts/resources GOD has giving unto you for Kingdom business to satisfy and glorify devil?

Are you not a thief? Have you not withhold GOD’s blessing and called it yours; when others are suffering at your doorstep?

You represent a nation, remember Gen 25:23 “And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb …” You are a nation because many people attached to you are looking up to you. You become a thief when you fail to show up for them because GOD has endowed you with resources to cater for the nation He has made you head. He even provided for more than what will be enough for your nation as accentuated in Deuteronomy 15: 6 “For the LORD thy GOD bless thee, as He promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations…” .


But the question is; are you faithful to your nation talk less of other nations?

Repent today, so that GOD can entrust more into your care.

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Article Three
© ’Wale Kayode

Several weeks ago, I boarded a bus with an inflated price, I wasn’t too pleased with it because I have no option. The driver wasn’t friendly but quite aggressive as the country’s harsh situation won’t make him sound calm.

He collected his fee and without hesitations I paid expecting to collect my change immediately, he refused to give me change, not only that; he drove me a little beyond my destination even after reminding him of where to alight.

I wasn’t pleased with him, I stretched forth my hand after getting down to collect my change, he made a great mistake by given me times seven of the change , I immediately returned the excess and walked of as passengers got surprised at my faithful actions.


Walking along the road, several thoughts started gushing in. Then, I remembered how often it has happened, especially with one Hausa vendor close to my place of abode who has overcastted change for me countless times and will always return immediately and at a point he called me pastor and trusted me. There was one he did and one of our neighbours’ children was there, he saw what happened and was very angry, he told me I wasn’t smart by returning excess change to him.

Still walking along the road, I asked GOD “why are you allowing me to be tested, I have passed this test countless times, and I definitely know that redeeming excess change can’t make me great, but you still bring it my way” and GOD said, it’s not just a test my son, I want to prove a point, I want people to know that I still have sons that can be trusted with money. I want people to know I still have children of integrity.

I was shocked at GOD’s reply, then I asked myself, what if I failed Him by not returning the excess change after much trust by GOD on me?
GOD loves everyone but doesn’t trust everyone. Will you always pass your TRUST TEST?
Your TRUST TEST will determine the level GOD will deal with you.

Will GOD still find you intact when He wants to prove a good point through you to the populace? Never stop your good acts and if you don’t even exhibits good acts or lack JESUS CHRIST, kindly accept Him today and let Him change your lifestyle for good.

For counseling, kindly contact +2348102076289 via whatsapp.

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