I added graphics to photography to make me stand out – Iyanu Obideyi


Iyanuoluwa Obideyi is a film maker and a graphics artist. Recently, his first painting attracted a lot of applaud on social media. In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, he speaks on his passion, paintings and encouraged gospel film makers, excerpt:

Could you please lead us into your educational background?

Currently a student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. Course of Study : Art and industrial design. I started my primary education at Ria Air Nursery and primary School. I Gained admission to Araromi ilogbo Senior Secondary School, Oko Afo, From 2008 to 2014. That same year I enrolled for a Desktop Publishing training at Gender Dream Institute. That was the place I discovered myself with the help of MRS ADELE TOKE. She really helped me. By 2015 I embarked on my I. T after i was through with my training in Gender Dream… I was the best graduating student in the Institute that year. My boss was forced to tell me to wait as an instructor but i declined.. She told me its my choice, I may wait and I may not. I decided not to wait because I have passion to learn not after money. After that I started my I. T at THE LIEGE MULTIMEDIA. THAT was where a I learnt to be a multimedia person. I left there due to admission into higher institution and exam preparation. I started going to seminar and programs that increased me. I downloaded tutorial just to be good. I studied like minded people in the field. I read more on media.

What are your areas of specialization?

when u are taking about specialization… I specialize on anything Multimedia.. I do anything media… Graphics, Photo and Video Editing, Videography etc name them…

 As a film maker what can you say about gospel films in Nigeria?

Gospel Film is Going there but not there… Some film maker still do it the way it has been doing.. Why can’t we think out of box… Be creative.

We know you to be a camera person why the paradigm shift into painting?

I didn’t shift ooo. Been a multimedia person u think out of box… Been a Painter.. It just an addendum for me all because am studying art as a course currently in school… Because I wanna be unique.. I don’t want to paint and waste paint on a job. So painting digitally will save cost.

Your first painting was recently applauded on social media by many people, what do you see to this?

Well it God oooo… I believe the reasons is because it my first painting… People don’t believe there first attempt will Okay but I believe my first attempt will be okay since am determined.. Actually I use 2 weeks on my first painting… Just to take note of details… The interesting part is for about 2 year I hv been looking for a day to kw how to do such painting.. When I finally kw it I hv to put in the best because I see anything I do as my life and passion..

What inspires you about painting and graphics generally?

interesting question.. I love art and I love playing with color… Been a graphic designer and painting today is because I don’t like dirty job at all… And u make ur money even with out moving out of ur house… We have to move on with the technology… This is an ages were people don’t look at bill board again.. Instead of looking at till board while in the bus they are busy with phone the get info from phone so.. Life is digitalised

How much do you make on painting?

Depending on the size how big and small, it choice. But 10k upward. Least is 10k

Will you say painting is more lucrative than film making?

No ooo I love but… But deals with creativity… Because I love standing out in all I do… I do tell my client’s something that if I produced a job for them dey can’t see it outside..because am creative.. Am photography and I do graphics there are some of my work that u will see graphics in photography.. Which no one can do for them… I hv sample if you need them u can ask I will send to you.

Is there any correlation between painting, graphics and camera handling?

Yes I have answered it with question 9.. I see people while shooting like an art work… And I add graphics to photography to make me stand out.

What’s your advice to upcoming painters and film makers like you?

My advice is… Be good at what you are doing. Stop been a local champion… My second advice is learn how to pay when u wanna learn.. If you wanna aquire knowledge be ready to pay so dey can teach you wt u need… Bible say something.. Proverbs 22:29 KJV
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men .

What do you say to the economic status of the country?

That is the issue, there’s a lot of competitor in the market.. Do ur best leave the rest for God it will help you… God should be 1 in ur life.

Do you train people on painting?

Sure I train people… I don’t train any how people I will send the passion in u before we start agreement at all.. So I will be proud of the students at the end… Till date non of my boss never regret for teaching because the zeal/Passion is there.

Your last word for youths put there?

Youth… The consistent in what ever u are doing. Take ur job as if is ur life…. God will help

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  1. Excellent work! The good Lord shall lift you higher and make you an immense blessing to your generation.
    PLEASE, let the admin of this blog edit what is posted here. The grammatical errors in this piece are uncalled for! Let us pursue excellence in all we do and God will promote us. Thanks!

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