How to market your movie with ease, using Digital Marketing


By Dan Ope Makinde

People have been asking questions on marketing their movies, especially Faith-Based films Digitally. Here I will but highlight the processes.
Now that your movie is ready do the following:
You must first have done about 20 graphics design that shows different style and catchy text for your campaign. Get ready to make noise. You can do this yourself or better still, hire a Digital Marketing Strategist like Tunny Ogunowo or Dan Ope Makinde or John Oguntuase.
1. Create a Facebook Page for the Movie.
2. Make Thrillers for the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Whatsapp accounts.
3. Send link of the montages and thrillers to twitter handles, whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Contact bloggers, who would trend for you for a month. E.g Oluwafemi Dosu of Gospel Film News.
5. Tag film Hubs, e.g Netflix, ibaka TV, iroko tv, ebonylife tv etc.
6. Create an Affiliate Price Tag. I.e. give access to people getting cash from helping you advertise on their site as you make money from it too.
7. Get ready to work and walk. Start discussing with Digital TV platforms, you can contact Dan Ope Makinde on this.
8. Don’t forget to create Premiere Centers, make it free.
9. Disallow the use of your movie advert purpose without royalties as you have successfully made noise.
10. Buy email banks and make use of them.
11. Buy phone numbers bank and make use of them.i.e. bulk sms.
12. Create Big Posters and send to Hotels that have premiere rooms and then negotiate. You can also put it in strategic areas.
13. Sleep, sleep ,sleep.
14. By the time you are ready to sell, with these few tips, you have already made some cash.
You can contact me through 08135478577. For Digital Marketing Strategy.
Or visit for more.
You make money by investing strategic Money.

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