How to know you are under close heaven- Adedeji Adekusibe


By Damilare Daniel

Notable drama minister and church growth expert, Evangelist Adedeji Adekusibe has disclosed how to know when someone is operating under close heaven.

Gospel Film News gathered that this was revealed over the weekend at the programme, Dinning at the Masters’ Feet organized by The Peacemakers Outreach Ministry Int’l on Saturday, 23rd of March, 2019.

Adekusibe while teaching on the topic ‘When The Heaven is Close’ noted that weather the heaven of someone is iron or brass and the earth over one is brass or iron none of them is good, adding that The situation like this is a tragedy situation for any to be living under a heaven that is brass or iron, standing under a earth that is brass or iron.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that the drama evangelist who made reference to Deuteronomy 28 vs 23 and Leviticus 26 vs 9 stated that God has an air space over everybody and that air space can be open or close, saying it can become an iron or a brass.

“One of reasons you see some people passing through a particular path and why some will pass through the same and enter into destruction is because somebody has his heaven open while another person has his heaven closed,” he said.

He further revealed that: “Iron and brass in the spirit represents farming, dryness, if you see dry land that the devil normally use, that is why the bible says when an unclean spirit has left a man, he goes around in dry places. When somebody has become a dry place then the enemy will have a free day in the life of that person. When your heaven is close and become brass, people will overcome you with ease; they won’t have too much problem to overcome you, nothing will go smoothly in the life of someone whose heaven has been close, everything will be so hard.”

Adekusibe also noted that the heaven over someone can be closed physically, spiritually, financially, ministerial, martially, academically, mentally, materially and socially, adding that two people can be in a place and the heaven over one could open while the other will be close.

“When I was in secondary school the subject I read throughout the night for the Senior Certificate Exam, the only science subject I was doing, Biology I got to the exam hall, because I crammed, the Lord gave a particular grace, where I read was the question that was given in the exam, I got to the exam hall I started writing all that a crammed which can make me score A1 but because heaven was closed on me partially. Upon all that I wrote down I could not remember to write my name so my biology result was not release,” he stated.

The church growth expert also listed some facts about close heaven, saying When there is a close heaven in the life of a fellow:

  • There will be traffic of Demon in the life of the person.
  • It is like been in a cage of distension.
  • It is like operating a limitation.
  • The person will be under the control of the enemy.
  • The person will suffer terrible demonic attack.
  • Hearing from God will be very difficult.
  • Overcoming life challenges will be difficult.
  • The prayer life of the person will be bored, powerless, meaningless and complaining.
  • If the heaven of someone is close the person will find it hard to read or study the bible.
  • Will find it hard to read and understand Christian book
  • The life of the person will become an experiment where the devil and his angel will be performing their experiment.
  • There will be fruitless prayers.
  • Laboring on dry grand.
  • Laboring hard but little income.
  • Living on old and past achievement, no new glory.
  • The wealth of the person goes to wrong hands.

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