How Mount Zion Music Studio started- Joshua Mike-Bamiloye


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Music Producer and Graphics Artiste, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye popularly known as JayMikee has revealed how the Mount Zion Faith Ministries Music Studio started.

This he revealed on his Twitter account while sharing a testimony of the level God has taken the studio to recently.

JayMikee started music production in 2014. Before that time, he cooked sounds on a keyboard in the living room. When his family moved to thier new house in 2008, he had a room to himself and after a few years, a desktop was added and a desktop and home speakers, Gospel Film News gathered.

Before that, it was the long hollidays after 100level in 2010 and Joshua was idle, his father, Evang. Mike Bamiloye met great and veteran music producer, Mr. Eddy of Asuza studios. Mike Bamiloye asked if JayMikee could come around to observe the studio life from time to time and Mr. Eddy agreed.

Joshua took part from one end of Ibadan to the other about 4 times a week for about 3 months just to sit and watch music happen. He ran errands for Mr. Eddy, swept the studio floor sometimes (Eddy didn’t agree to this, but Joshua wanted to face with tears of joy)The exposure Joshua got from Eddy was very worth it.

Over the years Joshua’s knowledge and skill grew but the location remained the same. He developed from using a headphone mic to a basic SHURE mic, he also switched his DAW from FruityLoops software to propellerhead Reason 4.

Fast forward to 2015 after his NYSC, he was introduced to Evang Gbade Adetisola of Klin Mix Studio. He trained under him for 3months. Since he had a little knowledge in production, he knew the precise questions to ask to dig into Evang Gbade’s deep well of music knowledge.


By this time, Joshua really wished for a not even a studio but the basic tools for music production: his computer was “struggling”, he had no monitors (studio speakers), and his microphone desperately needed an upgrade. So, he constantly prayed and tried to save up for these things.

In all these struggles, God still used these basic tools to release great songs and movie sound tracks. People didn’t believe that these tracks came from JayMikee’s room. Then in 2017, after the fourth album dropped, God provided a proper studio mic and a better computer in 2018. Then finally in December 2018 God provided a space suitable for a studio. Two small rooms, he called the studio builder to analyze the space and pen down the cost.

“When I saw the figure my brain froze! All we did was to break the wall for the glass demarcation between both rooms. I wished to complete the studio matters before my wedding for obvious reasons, but it wasn’t possible. After the wedding, I slowly started acquiring little studio equipments and keeping them in faith for the studio that was still at a stand-still.

“I converted a portion of a room in my house to a “studio” seeing as work must continue, right? Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes. “At the right time my studio will rise”, I concluded,” Joshua stressed.

It was like this until earlier this year 2020 when God moved mightily. Bit by bit it all started coming together. He changed to breaking the wall completely, then started padding and painting. From the walls to the floor to the ceiling etc.

The night before the launch, the table and studio couch arrived. He sat in there that night wondering how God did it.

“God has taken me through a decade of humble beginnings, trainings and rugged faith while still glorifying Himself in the songs and tracks. He proved to me that He doesn’t need a great studio to release the best tracks but can still provide it at His own time if we trust him,” He confessed.

He continued: “The best part of this testimony is that if we had pushed for the studio to be set up before now; it would never have been this good. Here’s to a new chapter in this ministerial journey of the Mount Zion Music Studios. Glory to God also for the launch of the Mount Zion Video Studio and Mount Zion Radio.

I hope this testimony has encouraged someone out there to keep moving, keep pushing forward on that ministerial journey. God sees the efforts and faithfulness you put towards the little and He will reward you appropriately in His time. I was blessed to have my father-in-love visit the studios and sit on my chair Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes.”

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    Keep Growing. We’re watching and learning from behind.

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