How I met my wife- Gospel Film News publisher


By Dare Fayemi

As friends and lovers are still basking in the euphoria of Gospel Film News publisher’s wedding, Oluwafemi Dosu has disclosed how he met his heartthrob, Dorcas Mauton before tying the knot.

In an interview session at the wedding ceremony which took place on Saturday 28th of September, 2019, Oluwafemi revealed that he met his wife on a film location at Badagry, Lagos State in year 2010. He noted that he was on a film location as a crew when he first saw and noticed her and there was a divine connection but never make any move at that time.

Later in 2011 their part crossed again when Dorcas wanted to write post UTME in Lagos State Polytechnic where Oluwafemi was schooling at that time. A call was put across to him for assistance by Dorcas and her parents which he decided to oblige. Oluwafemi decided to treat her as a younger sister and give her every support she needed including academic support. Having the knowledge that they are both from the same home town, Badagry, people started calling Dorcas, Oluwafemi’s sister and that name stick even when Oluwafemi never told anyone that she is his sister.

In the long run, Oluwafemi went for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and Dorcas was still on campus. Meanwhile, Oluwafemi was in a relationship with a lady while on campus that he taught he would eventually get married to, but the relationship break up while he was in NYSC. Oluwafemi later went ahead to seek God’s face in prayers for next level as touching marital issue.

According to him, It was as if the relationship that break up was a divine arrangement as God started making provision for another alternative. It dawn on him that Dorcas was to be his lawful wedded wife and that was a big challenge to him.

The biggest challenge he had was: People already knew Dorcas to be his younger sister and everyone had treated her that way, so, how would they believe that he never had such intentions for her right from onset?

He battled a lot for several months. On this big issue, Oluwafemi seek counsel from spiritual leaders, even travelled down to meet his parents and mentors for proper counseling and leading. After much struggle and counsel, he proposed to her and Dorcas accepted the proposal after several months.
“Everything that happens from the day i first met her, to the day i proposed to her, to courtship period, to wedding and marriage is a divine arrangement. There is nothing that would happen without God’s consent. God permitted everything that happens,” he said.

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