“HIM, HER& I” part 8 by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


( A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Could I have misheard God?, Could Bro Kennedy be God’s Will for me” I thought as I walked back to the hostel. Bro Kennedy was walking side by side. He refused going back when I told him I was fine. I just noticed he was silently walking by me.

When he got to my hostel, I appreciated him for the walk.

I sat back on my bed and asked myself why I felt Papa was the will of God…

“ I heard God…..” I said to myself.

I opened my Bible and it flipped on it’s own to where Eve was created for Adam.

“ En… En..Exactly I was made for Him!” I stood up again and danced before the Lord again.

For the next 30 minutes while I awaited Mmesoma’s arrival, I fantasized as usual about my future with Papa. I saw that we were going to have 3 boys and 1 girl.

Mmesoma eventually came in after about 45 minutes.

“ Hey!” Mmesoma said

“ Hi!” I said…

I could see she was all smiles, as she was getting set to have her bath, I engaged her in petty talks, then suddenly I said…

“ So….?” I asked teasingly

“ So What?” She asked

“ I noticed a particular brother was punching your number on his phone and I guess he was the one you spent the last 45 minutes with..”

“ Oh the brother that you referred to as Papa?” Mmesoma asked

“Yesssssss..” I Said again

“ Ok? what about Him?” Mmesoma asked

“ Will he be a good catch?” Trying to be an investigator.

“ A good catch? Who is catching who?” She asked smiling…

“ I mean.. at least your first time in church, is there anyone you have your eyes on…” I asked, still pushing for words. I was gradually becoming a full blown manipulator.

“ Yes!” Mmesoma replied

“ Who?” I asked with heart beating fast

“ Jesus!” She said dashing my hopes…

“ Timi… Like seriously? Is that what goes on in your fellowship… Girls looking for good catches?… You didn’t ask me if i found the message impacting… Babe, I don’t chase guys, Guys chase me, because I chase God.”

“ Hmm… Spiritual sister…” I said teasing her

“ I have a target and I must reach my target!”

“ Really?, What target?”

“ I have the kind of man I want… I want a Very Spiritual man, who is burning for the Lord. A man who genuinely Loves God, Because If a man doesn’t love God, he cannot love me . I need a man who is passionate about serving the Lord. The day I cried unto the Lord telling Him, this was the kind of man I wanted, A woman I had never met in my life said something to me that never left me. She was seated next to me in church with her beautiful family.
After service, she asked me for few minutes of my time…

“ I am very sorry for this, but I couldn’t help but hear your prayer. “ she had said

“ I am sorry for disturbing with my loud voice” I said shyly

“ Not a problem, but I don’t know if this advice of mine will help you in any way…”

“Ok? I am all ears…”

“ God will only give you the type of person you are… If you want a Spiritual giant, be the Spiritual giant. God can not be mocked whatever you sow you will reap and I kept hearing you say “God, let the man you have ordained for me from the beginning when you created me locate me… Sister, there is no such thing… God has given us all, individual plain slates to have the kind of life we choose to have. Let’s say there is truly one man ordained for you like it is popularly believed and preached, What if the man is a total unbeliever, What if he turns out a criminal, Will God your father who knows you are burning for Him allow you to marry a criminal all in the name of “He is the one, I have created you to marry.”

No Sister! God is not a wicked God…Please sister, God will give you a man just like you. All those qualities you have been praying to see in your future husband, begin to work on it first in your life” The beautiful woman had said…

Mmesoma narrated passionately and she continued…

“ Timi, She was 100% right because the moment I started working on my spiritual life and started growing in the Lord, the type of brothers approaching me changed. Irresponsible boys with no future ambition ceased calling me. Rather brothers with the fear and love for God were the one pursuing me..”

“ Hmm… so why haven’t you settled down with any of them…” I asked

“ Well, let’s say I haven’t found the one who is my heart clicks with…You know Timi, When God created Adam, He gave him the options of picking any of the animals as his companion, but even though they were good animals, Adam didn’t find the one his heart clicked with. I believe that was when and why God had to create another option for him. When Adam saw the new being that had been created, his heart clicked and he knew this was the right companion. I believe if Adam had rejected Eve as a companion, God might have gone ahead to create another being…. So you see, God gives us the opportunity to choose who we want as companions, but our level of spirituality and lifestyle will determine who we attract “ Mmesoma said and I felt God was speaking to me.

“ Having said that… My heart doesn’t click with Papa, instead I like the Spiritual insight that brother that was speaking with you had on Brokeness and humility…”

“ Which brother?” I asked as It didn’t immediately register. Oh! Bro Kennedy

“ Bro Kennedy!” I asked very alarmed at anyone making reference to Bro Kennedy when discussing brothers…

“ Yes! I think that is his name.. I will definitely love to sit and discuss Scriptures with him… He must have some depth. I love the way he was passionately discussing the Scriptures …” Mmesoma said laughing as she walked towards the bathroom to take her bath…

Bro Kennedy! Yuck!. I had goosebumps all over my body.

“You have a text message!” Mmesoma’s phone beeped and the automated computer voice said.

“Timi, please help me check the message and please read it aloud.” Mmesoma said

I was shocked when I saw the ID “Papa fellowship”. My heart was pounding fast as I opened the text message folder.

“ It was a delight speaking to you, this is not to flatter you but I must say, you are a mobile transformer, in just 30 minutes of speaking to you, you had quoted over 15 Scriptures… I need someone like you around me to challenge and charge me up..Hoping to see more of you Sis Mmesoma. From Papa. I hope you saved my number, because I hope to disturb you very often. Stay blessed and have a good night…”

I read out the text message, but I knew I was not the one reading but a Ghost because I was long dead… Papa was already falling for Mmesoma…My perfect will was falling for Mmesoma and Mmesoma liked Bro Kennedy’s Spiritual depth…

Strange world!

To be continued…

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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