“HIM, HER & I” part 3-5 by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


( A love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Lo! and behold as the saying goes in the Bible… All eyes on my PAPA. As I turned to the entrance checking constantly to see if Sister Joy would show up, I noticed all the sisters were constantly casting glances at HIM.

“ Oh My God! Like seriously?” I never knew that there were a lot vampires in the fellowship all looking for how to get Papa to themselves . I couldn’t listen to the Bible Study that night, as all I did was to look around at the sisters in the fellowship staring at HIM.

HIM was not the one ministering ooo, but instead of sisters looking at the financial secretary who was taking the Bible Study, they were all checking him out. The part that got me crazy was when HIM’s pen fell on the floor, almost 6 sisters ran towards the pen to pick it…

Highly pathetic….

I did a mental count of the sisters that were noticeably interested in HIM, they were about 8; namely Beatrice,, Gladys, Tunmise, Ayomide, Adaobi, Sharon, Miracle and one other lady I wasn’t familiar with.

“This was not funny!” I said silently to myself as I knew I had to get to all these ladies before they confused my Papa.

After Service, I decided to start with the less attractive girl. I was working on instincts. Miracle was one of those Overspiritual dirty looking sisters. She was always trying to be around Papa. She was part of the praying team.

“ Sis Miracle, Good Evening…” I said as I approached her.

“ Sis Timileyin, Good Evening….how are you?” She replied

“I am fine sis, I have a message for you sis…” I said as I approached her

“ Really?” She said very interested and foolishly she didn’t ask who the message was from, she just assumed it was from the Lord… I only said, I had a message for her, and she just assumed it was from God…

“ What is the Lord saying?” Sis Miracle asked

“I was told to tell you, that the one you have your eyes on Maritally is not the perfect will of God for you in marriage… I don’t know who the person is, but I was told that you should pray more as your husband to be is far away from this land… Infact, from what I saw he is in a country that has red colour in the country’s flag…” I said convincingly

“ Hmmm…” She sighed…

“ What’s wrong?” I asked

“ You really heard from God! You see, I have been having these feelings for Someone close, Papa to be precise, there is no need to hide since God has gone ahead to show you…” She said in a low tone as she pulled me aside

“ Which Papa?” I asked feigning ignorance

“ Same Papa… I notice he looks at me in an unusual way, like he likes me. Also one day, he told me, he loves my name miracle and he would love to name his first daughter by that name… I instantly thought he was interested in me and didn’t know how to say it…”

My jaw almost dropped, I rolled my eyes, but I tried to maintain my cool.

“ But with this message, I guess I need to get my eyes off him…”She said

“ Exactly, So you don’t waste your time and emotions…It is well.” I said

“ Thanks Sis Timi, but I hope you won’t tell Papa about it…!” She said with a defeated voice…

“How?, that will make you lose respect in front of him and other fellowship members, besides you know he has a fiancée by the name Atinuke. He is very quiet about her. I therefore suggest you follow the instruction given to you, and if you don’t mind I can join you in prayers for God to speedily bring your partner to you. I prayed some aggressive prayers before God gave me my fiancé…” I said

“ Really?, You are engaged?” She asked

“ Yes ooo, but my fiancé is abroad, he proposed to me through video call, that’s why I don’t have my ring on and I have not announced properly at the fellowship, …the plan is that he will bring my engagement ring when he comes to Nigeria in 5 months time…” I said not knowing how I came about that lie, but it was a necessary lie…

“ Aww… that is so cute, I pray God gives me my own man… Thank you so much Sis Timileyin, you are an encourager.” She said and after other chit chats we parted ways…

“ Mission 1 accomplished…”

Was I wrong to have done this?, Was I wrong to have lied to send away the roaches trying to confuse my HIM, I mean afterall God has told me I was made for him. Sis Joy and Miracle were off the queue…

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

“ HIM, HER & I”
(A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ I have a feeling there is something you want to tell me, but you have been restricting yourself from saying it” HIM said to me about five days later. By that time I was almost through with my job of disengaging the interested sisters. I had gone to each one of them personally with different techniques, either through lies, or prophecy, or casual talks about Papa being engaged to a certain Atinuke. They obviously bought my lie, because they knew I was the closest to papa on campus.

This had made me very lifeless during my conversations with papa, I was always thinking about my next move and always looking around for new predators…

“ Sister Timi, Timileyin…” Him was nudging me…

“ Yes papa…! What is it?” I snapped at him

He raised his eyebrow at me, because I had never snapped at him before in my life…

“ What is wrong?” He said very calmly

Instead of answering, I started crying. I was crying because I was exhausted, I couldn’t believe how wicked I had turned in few days, it’s true about the saying that states “Every form of wickedness starts with innocence”.

“ Are you finding it hard to make up your mind?” HIM asked…

“ Make up my mind about what?” I did a mental questioning

“ If you are not sure about what you want, you can tell Bro Kennedy to give you sometime..” he continued

“ Bro What?” I almost screamed. The mention of Bro Kennedy’s name had me raising my head…

“ Sorry, I don’t understand..?” I managed to ask…

“ You think I wasn’t going to find out, I didn’t know my daughter had started hiding things for me….Well I don’t blame you, people tend to be secretive when it has to do with the matters of the heart…” he teased

“ I honestly don’t know what you are talking about?” I said really confused

“ You mean, he is yet to speak to you about it?, Oh my God… I am too forward…” he said laughing

My heart was pounding fast, his laughter was not making sense, because I didn’t want to hear what he wanted to say might sound like…

“ Bro Kennedy!” I tried to picture him again… Bro Kennedy was a disaster of a brother, he was still living in the 1930’s when we all were far in the future. He wears oversized shirts meant for a 70 year old big sized grandfather. his trousers could convienently take two of his size. Sometimes, he would dress so retro that everyone would try not to laugh at his appearance.
He was always preaching holiness and Hell Fire. He was against prosperity messages. Bible study sessions were always the time for him to argue and argue and argue till the Fellowship Daddy says it is time to close the service. Bro Kennedy would still not keep quiet on the way home…

I therefore was wondering the connection between My light and his darkness, My new life in Christ and his old life in Christ.

“ Papa, What has Bro Kennedy got to do with me…?”

“ Don’t let me speak for him, let him speak for himself…” He said

“ Papa, stop it, I don’t like this, What does Bro Kennedy want from me or better still what did he tell you?” I said in a frustrated way..

“ Calm down… Ok … He only came to ask me for my blessings to ask you out.” He said

“ Blessings to ask me out?” I said laughing in a delirious manner as I paced up and down the empty fellowship center…

“ Yes, as your spiritual father?, He further asked me to speak to you on his behalf” Papa said as he was obviously teasing me and making fun of the whole scenario…

“ And What did you tell him?” I asked wanting to know his response

“ Well, I didn’t give him the blessing, I told him I was not your father and besides he should be man enough to speak to you by himself…” He said laughing so loudly

“ So, What am I meant to say to him?” I asked hoping to get an answer that will melt my heart…

“ Are you asking me?, Timi at this point you don’t know God’s will for you?” He said

“ God’s will…? “ I asked

“ Yes… God’s will for you in marriage.. You can’t stop men from approaching you, but you are the one to know who you are meant to be with..!” He said

“ Well, I don’t know…” she said

I said hoping this was going to be the moment of revelation…

Then, out of nowhere, the baggy wearing, mood spoiling brother Kennedy walked in shining his Scattered dentition at me…..

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

(A love triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ En En… I am listening SIR…” I said trying to exhibit as much Christian brokenness as possible.

“ You see, Sister Timileyin, I am a very straightforward person and you know I say it as bluntly as possible but honestly for the first time in my life I am short of words, I never knew Love matters could actually make a talkative like me speechless. I believe Papa has told you about my proposal, so there won’t be the need for me to bath you with my saliva …” he said

“ Yuck! why on earth would he add saliva to the irritating narrative of him proposing me” I literally screamed in my head.

At that point, I really felt like throwing up but I knew Papa was somewhere in the corner, so I tried to comport myself.

“ Bro Kennedy, can we go outside to discuss this?” By the time I was through with what I had in mind for Bro Kennedy, it could paint a negative picture of me in front of my husband to be, so I wanted to control the situation.

“ Ok”… He said with a smile and I once again saw his disjointed, too much gap dentition.

“God forbid, I see this kind of teeth on my wedding day” I said under my breath…

“ You said?” He asked as we walked outside the fellowship center.

“ I was talking to myself”

“Ok… I am with you, Sister Timi” He said as we got to a private place…

“ Bro Kennedy, please and please I beg you in God’s name, don’t you ever see a vision about me. I mean anytime you see me in your dream, beat me out of it, because if you don’t, I might kill you .. Yes ooo, I might kill you in your dream..”

“ Ha!” Bro Kennedy said

“ Yes!, because you are not God’s perfect will for me in marriage!”

“ Really?, how do you know that?” Bro Kennedy asked

“ Well, I have not seen you in my dream and I don’t intend to …”

“ Oh, so it is until you see a person in your dream that Proves that such a person is God’s will for you…” he asked

“ Exactly!” I replied

“ My goodness, I actually thought you were spiritually matured, Choosing a life partner should not be primarily based on visions and dreams. If I like a sister and I am attracted to her and she possesses the Spirit of God. I see nothing wrong in speaking to her about my feelings. I have always thought you are the kind of woman I would love to marry, but from what you just said, I think I am having a change of mind. I won’t want to marry a woman who lives her life by dreams and visions, because she may not be able to differentiate between dreams from God and the one sponsored by the devil…. Someday, she might see me in her dream trying to kill her and she would believe it hook, line and sinker, believing it is a revelation from God….Good day Sis Timi…” I watched as Bro Kennedy who I was meant to give some words that will make him regret ever thinking about me walk out on me.

“ Did that just happen?” I had to ask myself as I blinked to know if I was awake or asleep.

To be continued…..

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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