Grassroot’s Solution to selling of films by Lekan Jegede


By Lekan Jegede

1. Let there be a unit in our towns where these films could be purchased.
2. Let us tell about it more to people,church and other friends . Discussed especially it testimonies to people.
3. Stop given other gifts to people in functions except films as a producer or drama minister.
4. If you want to give N5,000 as gifts to siblings or relations, change N1,500 to films and add it the remaining N3500 to the films as gifts.
5. We need to involve God in the business as we know that people love darkness than light . Fervent Prayer of the Righteous availeth much.
Lastly, we should be buying these messages for ourselves. Many of us don’t patronise Christian films but busy with others junks . We should not also compare ourselves with any other business that is not after soul winning . May God help us.

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