Grace Revealer Ministries Begin Release of Dark Moment Movie Series on YouTube After Amazon Streaming

By Oluwafemi Dosu



The Grace Revealer Ministries has began the release of her seasonal film, Dark Moment on YouTube after a successful streaming on Amazon and Tubi.


Dark Moment is coming on YouTube in order for viewers who couldn’t pay to stream on Amazon or whom Tubi platform is not accessible in their country can also be blessed via the movie.


Grace Revealer Ministries has decided to upload the first two seasons of Dark Moment to YouTube after receiving several requests from audience.


Dark Moment was launched earlier this year through the Amazon Streaming platform and Tubi; the first episode of Season 1 is now available on YouTube, and further episodes will be added weekly until it get to Season 2 Episode 6. Seasons 1 and 2 are now available in their entirety on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi.


In an interview session with Gospel Film News, the Executive Producer, Converter Adeyemo noted that the movie detailed a person’s wild personality which may cause a lot of trouble in ministry, and that’s what Dark Moment is about. “Watching this film will show you how much some of our leaders have suffered at a time when they need our support and prayers the most. Ministers and individuals of all ages are going to appreciate this video,” he added.


When asked about the difference in Dark Moment and ministry’s popular film titled ‘Emi Lokan,’ the Executive Producer stressed that Dark Moment and Emi Lokan are two very different works with very different messages.


In this movie, Ajiboye Olabode, Seyi Pedro-Adetola, and Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo brought their characters to life in a way that let you feel the truth of the message they’re trying to convey. 


Converter disclosed that each episode of Dark Moment will be released on Sundays from now till the end of Season 2.

He further encouraged viewers and lovers to Like, share, subscribe and drop a comment under the video sharing their thought and keep recommending the movie to others.


“As the executive producer Converter Adeyemo, I will not get tired as long as the Lord is in control, and if you have benefited from this ministry production, I beseech that you kindly spread the word. After you’ve seen the movie, please get back to us as soon as possible with your comment like and subscribe,” he said.


Click the link below to enjoy the movie:


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