Gospel Films in Nigeria is going in right direction- Actor


By Oluwafemi Dosu
A gospel actor and writer,  Samuel Adesunloye has described gospel films as going in the right direction. 
Adesunloye disclosed this yesterday in an exclusive interview with  Gospel Film News. 
He noted that Gospel films used to be known for just Message but people can now see top professionalism and craft in recent movies.
“We are now getting gospel movies into cinema when some A-list secular artist are having problems with that. God is surely opening doors for us,” he added. 
Speaking on his new movies, “Genuine” and “Ugliest”, he disclosed to Gospel Film News that the films are Light Media’s first project and the messages were borne out of the enlightenment of God’s “Genuine” love for man that even in man’s “Ugliest” state, he loved and chosed man.
“Genuine talks about God’s true love for man while Ugliest ex-rays how filthy a man’s life his without God. It’s a movie that can be used for both evangelical and spirit re-awakening purposes,” he reiterated. 
He further revealed that both movies will be released by January, 2019.

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