Gospel Actor Isaac Femi-Akintunde Celebrate Wife On Birthday Say Thanks For Remaining Special And Bright

By Joy Adeosun

Gospel Actor Isaac Femi Akintunde has celebrated his wife, Grace Akintunde 12th May 2023 being her birthday, Gospel Film News gathered.

Gospel Film News gathered that the actor took to his official social media account to wish his wife a happy birthday.

Isaac Femi-Akintunde

In his words,I have written a lot of letters to you in this beautiful lifetime of yours, I have composed a couple of songs I hope to render very soon as well, I have written sonnets to establish the fact that your love never stops to ring in the walls of my heart,I am satisfied that our love remains like a burning flame,which never loses a bit of it’s wonder. I am content that where you are is where I desire to be, I remain certain that every single day is an opportunity to celebrate the goodness of love with you,again and again and again.

Grace Femi-Akintunde

He added that, seasons change as leaves sprout and wither concurrently,time flies,decades go without respect for any man,life remains insatiable,one immutable truth however,is how glorious you are,my sister Grsce.
It is another day, another hour,another year, another experience.

Every passing moment reminds me of your grace and support to everything that has been desired from our hearts.
You have filled my heart with unimaginable joy with the qualities of your kindness and affectionate passion for all that has been set before us.

Along the passage of time, I am brought to the feet of numerous memories and tears well up in my eyes. I remember all, Sister Grace.
Thank you for being YOU.
Thank you for remaining special and bright in all.
Thank you for loving me and our children with the whole of your heart.
Such act of love can never be taken for granted.

He therefore pray for her strength and as unto your name, grace to keep on pressing on.
I pray for a significant change in all areas of your life.
I pray that all that you have asked for and/or prayed for, becomes yours in God’s time.
The Lord fulfills, prospers and anoints the works of your hands.

It is a new season, Sister Grace.

I’d forever be grateful that you are mine.

Happy Birthday My Wife

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