GOFAMINT Pentecost Arena To Host Movie Sunday, Shows Oluwole Olukoju’s ‘MAN DOWN’


By Dare Fayemi

Everything is set as The Gospel Faith Mission International, GOFAMINT Pentecost Arena will be showing Oluwole Olukoju’s ‘MAN DOWN’ during their Movie Sunday, Gospel Film News can confidently report.

According to a statement released by Beloved Abimbola Opeyemi, Senior Pastor, Pentecost Arena, the movie ‘MAN DOWN’ will be shown this Sunday, 18th September, 2022 at GOFAMINT Pentecost Arena, Afao Quarters, Ado Road, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

The Movie, ‘MAN DOWN’ which was released few month ago is written by Oluwole Olukoju and directed by Victor Olukoju, PVO.

The cleric further added that the movie will be shown sequentially during the church two services. The First Service which is tagged, ‘Early Risers’ will start by 7:30am while the Second Service tagged, ‘Celebration Service’ will be 9:30am.

Gospel Film News also gathered that there will be arrangement for free transportation to the church with a call to any of the following numbers; +2347047275202, +2349037917945.

All participants will also be served popcorn and zobo drinks.

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2 thoughts on “GOFAMINT Pentecost Arena To Host Movie Sunday, Shows Oluwole Olukoju’s ‘MAN DOWN’

  1. Pentecost Arena Is A Place To be Anyday and Anytime.. Highly Anticipating to be part of this program.
    I’ll Be there Live??
    Glory To God?

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