Get Rid of Every Pre-Conceived Mindset Before Going Into Marriage, Jide Ogunmilade Cautions Singles


By Damilare Daniel 

A gospel actor and president of Phinehas Generation Int’l Ministries, Evang. Jide Ogunmilade has taken to his Facebook handle to advice singles on getting rid of every pre-conceived mindset before enter into marriage.

Gospel Film News gathered that In his post on Saturday entitled ‘Before You Enter Into Marriage’ noted counselled that singles should get rid of every pre-conceived mindset or notion as to how their spouse should behave or react to issues or situations based on how their Father/Mother behaved or handled matters or how a couple they lived with responded to Issues or handled their own Matters!!

“Your husband is not your father, your wife is not your mother. Your Husband is a Unique being on his own, totally different in Nature and Makeup from your Father. Therefore he will most likely handle Issues in an entirely different way from the way your Father handled it while you were growing up!!

“So don’t go saying …
“That’s not the way my Father handled such situations.” When your Husband handles a situation in his own way!! Your Father’s way of handling same situation isn’t the ONLY Way to handle it. And it doesn’t mean your Husband is wrong for the handling it the way he did!
He is just being Himself,” he said.

Cautioning husbands, Ogunmilade stated that husbands shouldn’t tell their wives their mother would never say that.

“When she speaks her mind over a situation.
She is not your Mother!
Her Internal Wiring is different from your Mother’s!! Therefore her reaction to Issues will be different!!

“I heard of a Lady who grew up knowing that her Parents settled family issues at Midnight, when the kids are asleep.
So she concluded that all Family Matters MUST be discussed at Night and at Night ALONE!!
She now got married and always wanted to wake up her Husband at Midnight to discuss crucial Family Matters.
But unfortunately, she was married to a man who didn’t joke with his night’s sleep at all.
If he doesn’t get a full night rest, the entire next day would be useless for him. So, she would wake him up to talk, and he would spend half the time sleeping while she talked. In the end, the would keep quarrelling over an issue that could be negotiated.

“Another lady I heard of, grew up with a Couple, whom whenever they were having a heated argument, the wife would grab her husband’s collar and deal him a dirty slap.
And the man wouldn’t react. So this lady also got married. And one day, the Couple had a heated argument. In a flash, she grabbed his collar and gave him a hot slap.
Without blinking an eyelid, the husband gave it back to her hotter!! (I’m not saying he was right o), Our sister began to cry, “But Aunty always slaps Uncle too. And Uncle never slapped her back,” he stressed.

“But Sis, your Husband is NOT Uncle nau!!
He is not wired the same way as your Uncle! Do away with such Mindsets before you enter Marriage. Learn who your Partner is! Grow your own methods that will work for you and your Partner,” Ogunmilade cautioned.

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