By Anastasia Ruth

Let me start by saying, that this is not a paid review. I have never met and was not contacted by any Mount Zion Movie team member. This is done for the sake of love and admiration for the amount of effort put in the work and the pleasure I and anyone would enjoy by viewing this movie.

First thing first, Damilola Mike Bamiloye, thank you again for uploading mount Zion movies to your Youtube channel. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, please subscribe. I was privileged to view “Gbemi” before like Joshua Bamiloye would say “it raptures” and I must say I laughed a lot. It is an awesome movie and seeing that it was scripted by Ella means that the Godly union of Damilola and Ella would keep the flag flying for Mummy Gloria and Daddy Mike’s vision.

Down to the real reason for this post though;

The latest mount zion movie “Gbemi” an adapted movie written by Ella, is a must-watch. Adapted because it was once a novel.

I can presume though that the general belief of true Christians is that Christians seldom have romance in their lives seeing that people believe Christians are always involved with social media posts about God, the end time messages, the bible, church conventions, church get together and so on. Well, thanks to this movie the world will see Christians as regular people who are only different because of God in them.

The movie “Gbemi” which I may have called the minister’s wife (a reason you will find out why later) is about a young sister Gbemi who is of marriageable age but is yet to be married; like many Christians, she has been instructed by God to pray and believe him for a partner. The other major character is Brother John who wants to be married, he is presently in a relationship but his heart is towards the things of God. Both of them are in tune with Christ, but both of them are involved in things that could drive them from their journeys if care isn’t taken.

Gbemi is caught up in an unforgiving episode from her childhood which she has held on to for years and despite being a Christian who should know that forgiveness from God only comes from forgiving others, she has pushed the act into her attitude that she has become as her friend puts it “less proactive” for the opposite sex to woo her.

Brother John, the second major is in a relationship with Sister Debby who isn’t in agreement with his vision. She feels his idea of Christianity is cumbersome for her and that he makes her feel worldly at times. She wants him to watch movies with her and get a better paying job, but Brother John has decided to go into full-time ministry while they depend on her salary to sustain them in marriage. Sadly for Brother John, she calls it to quit as she feels it is better the relationship comes to an end before they get married.

The pinnacle about this movie is that Sister Gbemi wants to be married but because she was molested by her dad, she has refused to forgive him and has envisioned most men to be like her dad; and of cause, Mr. devil knows that door very well, so he lets her fall into the hand of a married man Mr. Gbenga Folorunsho. So while she was feeling “holy”, telling her boss she could not accompany him to South Africa alone for a business trip, she could have also fallen into the ditch of marrying a married man. Thank God, for her constant prayers and wanting to know if he was right for her.

@Gbemi, am still waiting for the substance you took. Lol

Brother John too who claims to always hear from God, on the other hand, was blinded by haste and love. He forgot like many men that if a lady does not share in your vision, you should not be calling it “our vision”, “our ministry” which he did a lot with Sister Debby. He wanted her to always listen to him about his ideas and what God had told him but he didn’t listen to God. During a date, he spoke to her about “Lot and Abraham” and didn’t think that God may have been telling him that he had a “Lot” in his life. I laughed a lot during this scene and each scene with both of them as, like Sister Debby, I knew Brother John was not getting the message. They had been in a relationship for two years. He wanted a mountain that was Joshua’s own, he did not like what Sister Debby liked and he did not discuss with Sister Debby before making a decision to be a full-time minister, lol no wonder he told Sister Gbemi when he was interested in her “you, I want to marry” What a man!

Dear Brother Johns, you want to know what the sisters see? It’s your pronouns. Lol. Dear brothers the lord cannot take away the peace of the sister that is not yours, same goes for the sisters. Lol

He is the comedian of the movie. He played his character so well. I enjoyed his every scene. I never knew a break up can also give a “Man of God” malaria. Lol. Oh, his pronouns. Please watch the movie to understand. Thank God for the break up with Sister Debby that corrected him to ask God if he was the one on the wrong with sisters and that taught him to wait.

Fact is, like Brother John and Sister Gbemi most people are in wrong relationships. They are caught up in the past and have lingered long enough in relationship and circumstances that they should have left behind. But then both of them reminded us of what it takes to be called into ministry. Being Christians who serve or attend church does not qualify compatibility and this movie taught that. Despite sister Gbemi’s withdrawal from Brother John, I can personally relate her to a minister’s wife who though may have been through personal issues, cannot mingle in just every environment when the time of marriage comes.

Am pointing that out because a viewer may take on Sister Gbemi’s friend’s advice and sure it wasn’t a bad one but hey! I saw Sister Gbemi’s character as a minister’s wife in the making. There is simply nothing wrong in mingling but if you have a calling on your life, you should know that you cannot be found everywhere. Do not let peer pressure get to you. Like Ruth in the bible, and Sister Gbemi in the movie understand that your steps are ordered. Brother John too who was there with her when she settled the issues of her past was an example of a wonderful companion.

The picture that her same friend who told her to go out more often was the same person who invited her to the gathering that led her to Brother John. As I write this I still smile and reminisce on the scene when Sister Gbemi told Brother John “Yes, I will marry you”. The way he accepted her proposal it was heartwarming (great camera zoom too); how I wish now that every Christian Brother would lit up the same way Brother John did. Brother John eh.

Frankly, it is time the mount Zion movies hit the world cinemas like Silverbird, Genesis, Imax and the rest of them. I can picture teenagers and other youths who aren’t so caught up in just action movies viewing this movie. They would want more because to them it would mean Christians have romance too. It would teach them what courting as a Christian is, perhaps it would teach a lot of people about sharing visions with the wrong partners. Yes, Yes I know “Ring the bell” staring Ryan Scharon, directed by Thomas Weber was also a Christian romantic comedy but it wasn’t as funny as “Gbemi”. Perhaps this is a beautiful Nigerian Christian romantic comedy with Brother John in it. Brother John eh

I kid you not, the script was brilliant. Anyone would enjoy it.

Please view before it raptures

God Bless the Mount Zion Team.

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