Funmi Okeowo celebrates birthday, narrates ordeal of mum in labour


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The UK based veteran gospel actress and producer, Evang. Funmi Kola-Okeowo is velebrating her birthday today 22nd of November,2018.
She says she is grateful to God for everything.
In a facebook post entitled I was born tomorrow, the actress also narrated the ordeal of her mother (as she was told) while in labour. 
She has this to say:
“Something was about to happen tomorrow! God was going to send me to the world to begin this phenomenal journey called LIFE, on 22ND NOVEMBER. They had been veeeeeeeery eager and anxiously expectant in the family. According to history, It was a great pregnancy experience- so smooth and straightforward. Each antenatal report was good, so there was really nothing to be worried about. They suspected it was going to be a girl this time. Two boys had passed through the same womb previously, and it didn’t take so many days of wondering when the boys were actually coming; labour started, mother went to the hospital, and they were born after hours. This was totally different. ‘Labour’ began on the 1st of November, but I was not yet discharged! The midwife was right! It was not yet time. She sent mother back home. Two days after, she saw the signs again, it was her third pregnancy, so she had mastered the signals. She went to the hospital, and again, the midwife said I was not ready to come.
Your guess is as good as mine. Mother was getting agitated, but the assuring words from the midwife calmed her down a little bit. She told mother- ‘she is not ready to come yet, I think she is still preparing’. Really????? What kind of prep was that? She had no idea it was going to take longer than her imagination. The ‘labour’ subsided again, and mother was sent home. Amazingly, the ‘labour’ began again on her arrival back home and just as you would have felt too, it was becoming annoying. They returned to the hospital, and the report remained the same that I was not ready to come yet! What was that about though? What was I doing there? With the benefit of hindsight, God was definitely perfecting me with the extras He wanted to give me to handle on my arrival here, so He kept me to be thoroughly instructed.
‘You know what?’ That was how the midwife began her advise to my mother, ‘just continue with your daily activities, but carry your hospital bag with you wherever you are going, and she will come when she is ready’ I laughed out when history was being narrated to me. “when she is ready” ? As if it was my decision. Divinity had not dispatched me to join humanity, and there was nothing anyone could do. Thank God they were not that quick with C. S in those days. They waited and the hospital bag was with mother until today! Just few minutes to midnight, the real labour started, and not long after their arrival there, it was already 22nd November, and I was not going to arrive until some good hours into the day; and so I was born tomorrow. A beautiful, delightful, peaceful arrival as the narrator described it. There was something spectacular about this baby, but nobody could point it out categorically. 
Life began, growing up was filled with love, left, right and centre. From cradle, or rather, from the womb, God had been in the equation; no wonder when life miscalculates and it appears that the equation is not being balanced, a visit to the DRAWING BOARD will bring clarity in the midst of disparity. Maturity began, and spirituality became the most important decision. Few silly steps here and there when immaturity sneaked in cunningly, but it has been a life sold out to God. With the sights in place, foresight, insight, hindsight choosing God remains the BEST decision I made. After attending 5 different Universities for different degrees, the conclusion of the matter is God. Its been HIM all the way, and this year, the theme in my heart is GRATITUDE. My attitude is GRATITUDE. I am still working on how to show Him the BEST GRATITUDE I can offer for all the marvellous, glorious, precious and GRACIOUS things He has blessed my life with. Blessed to have great parents which I refer to as BIBIRE, Blessed to be married to my best friend, which I call MORAANUGBA. Blessed to have wonderful children whom I appreciate and call ODODO EYE MI. Blessed to be surrounded by lovely and loving people that I have tagged ASO IYI MI. Blessed to have some haters, bad pursuers and negative critics whom I refer to as ALENIBARE. Trust me, I can go on, and on and on and on. Its all in the line of GRATITUDE. 
In my very tiny way, I have been grateful to God for all those great things, but there is something I sat downstairs recently to reflect on and it is the GRACE I dont know where exactly to begin. 
Could that be the prep? Was that why I was not ready on the 1st of November? Jokes apart, my heart is filled with GRATITUDE as I am consciously allowing the tears of joy to flow today in appreciation of what God kept in my hand when He was sending me here. A DIVINE pen with the breath of God. These few decades that I have spent by the GRACE of God on planet earth is combined together today with appreciation in my heart. It all started like joke, like play, like one of those things, but God had commanded it. Today, I bring my trophies before the Lord for the uncountable books that I have been GRACED to write for others, for their dreams of publishing their own books that God me the formula to help them achieve and for the fulfillment He has given me in being able to write and publish over 100 books for myself. By the GRACE of God, I have written more books for people than for myself; so if you have been wondering why I haven’t been active here on Facebook or another social media, this is one of the answers. Back to GRATITUDE. Who would have done that for me? If not for God, what would  have happened if my parents didn’t believe in my determination to become a professional Writer? What would have happened if I didn’t meet, or get to marry my best friend who tells me all the time there are still many books inside me? What would have happened if I am not surrounded by supportive people who are constantly buying, reading, and they keep buying and reading my books and are eagerly asking for the latest? What would have happened if my clients have not been paying well as I write for them in different nations? 
Jehovah Lord, for all these and several other power points, I bring before YOU today, singing joyfully the song you gave me:
With GRATITUDE I have come, 
With GRATITUDE I have come, 
With GRATITUDE I have come, 
To WORSHIP Your Holy name, 
Thank you sooooooooooooo much for tomorrow when I was born with YOUR mandate. 
E se Elshaddai mi o
Beniyan se po to nile aye
E ranti mi
If you have managed to read my ‘EPISTLE’ till this point, I might as well just drop this for you my treasured reader, either as a reminder, or as an awareness that something unique was kept in your hands when you were to embark on this journey called LIFE. It works best with your FINGERPRINT because DIVINITY placed it there for humanity, and it is your responsibility to grow into maturity by dropping the sentimentality of excuses that your personality is quick to produce. Why can’t you do it anyway? That stumbling block is indeed your most needed stepping stone! It is standing in your way for you to have something to step on to cross the hurdles. Can we start counting from today, please? It will surprise you beyond your wildest dreams how many lives you will touch once you begin to use your FINGERPRINT for what you are here for. There are many destinies attached to yours, there are many people you are called to influence, there are many lives you are endowed to encourage, there are many personalities that will be attracted only to your personality if only you will arise, and if you are already standing, you need to start moving forward accordingly. Its not a competition beloved, it is a race you have been GRACED to do. Please, stay GRACED. You already have the needed GRACE, please, don’t turn it into wasted GRACE. It is very precious and costly. You must nuture it. Please, dont punture it. Nourish it, cherish it and polish it continuously with GRACE. There is GRACE for GRACE. God be with you. Thank you for reading till this point. 
Much love, 
Funmi Kola-Okeowo.”

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