“Fundamentals of Kingdom Leadership” by Dr. Godwyns Ade’ AGBUDE


By Dr. Godwyns Ade’ AGBUDE

The process of beginning this training is to understand who a Kingdom Leader is.
A Kingdom Leader is a child of God with the focus of promoting primarily God’s Kingdom on earth as against the pursuit of self interest. He or she is committed primarily to God. He or she is passionate about the advancement of God’s Kingdom. He or she engages only in the things that please God.


Spirituality is not the ability to speak in tongue. It is not just about walking in the miraculous. It is not just about manifesting gifts of the Spirit. The first proof of spirituality is deep love for God, for His Kingdom and for His People. The concept of love is central to effective functioning in God’s Kingdom. That explains the reason Jesus asked Peter three times whether he loved Him more than the other things in this world (John 21: 15-19). It was after He secured Peter’s assurance of love for Him, He asked him to follow Him. As simple as this may look, God lays premium on our love for Him, for His People and for His Kingdom. The love for God is demonstrated in our devotion to Him.

For example, David was a man with deep love for God and for His people. Joseph loved God and His people.
There is a limit to how far God can use a man whose focus is not God and His people. We need to ask God for the grace to be God’s lover and not self lover. Your calling is not about yourself, but about God and His people. Spirituality is demonstrated in our love and devotion to God, His Kingdom and His people.

What should be driving you in ministry should not be the love for preaching; the love to be known, the love for fame, the love for money, the love for front seat, the love to appear on handbills and posters, the love to be called Papa or Mama, the love for special parking space, the love for tithes and offerings, the love for prophets offerings and special seed for the man of God and the rest.

Anyone whose focus and emphasis is any of these, such a person cannot go far in Ministry.

The Bible says “God is the God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed” I Sam 2:3.

There are many heavenly ordained Kingdom Leaders who ran out of Ministry because their focuses moved from God, His Kingdom and His People to their personal desires and aspirations in life.
Just as Satan told Jesus to turn the stones to bread (Matt. 4:3), these Ministers have fallen into that Satanic temptation of turning their Church Members (Believers) to bread for consumption. Don’t forget that the Bible refers to us believers as living stones (I Peter 2: 5). So, they have turned the living stones under their leadership to means of sustenance in life and in Ministry. They take advantage of their followers.

Thus, to become a full fledge Kingdom Leader, focus on God, His Kingdom and His People.

This reminds me of the statement the Holy Ghost made to me some time ago. According to Him, “There is no gift you have that was given to you for the sake of yourself but rather to minister to the Body of Christ. You aren’t anointed or gifted for yourself but for the sake of others. Therefore, it is not about you but about others you are supposed to serve. Thus, don’t let the level of achievements in ministry enter your head and make you feel as though all of these things are about you”.

This changed my life forever.
Please, don’t let pride swallow you up. Becoming an effective Kingdom Leader, focus on God, His Kingdom, and His People.

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