From Class to Crass, From Grace to Grass By Shola Mike Agboola


By Shola Mike Agboola

I was recently at a popular spare parts market to fix the ministry bus. While the mechanic worked on the vehicle, I took a stroll around the big market. I came across a section of the market where I saw traders hacking complete cars into pieces, for sale as scraps. I saw all manner of cars – the ordinary, the posh, the elegant and even the exotic. It occurred to me that these cars were, at one time, prized possessions of their owners but when they lost their values, they ended up in the scrap yard.


The Holy Spirit ministered to my spirit. He said this is how some once vibrant children of God lose their value, vibrancy and relevance, and end up as scraps in the hand of the devil.


I have since added this to my prayer point: “Father, please don’t allow my life and ministry to end up in the scrap yard of irrelevance in Jesus’ name.”
Beloved, pray your own. Shalom!


First posted Jan2021

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