Free gift International to release another blockbuster


By Oluwafemi Dosu

An award-winning production ministry, FreeGift International is set to release a blockbuster titled “The Smell.”

The movie will be released on YouTube on the 12 July 2020.

In a chat with Gospel Film News, the movie director, Ayotunde Yoloye noted that the movie delves into the many realms of an issue that many are involved in but few people want to talk about – sex, their sexuality and dealing with sexual pressure.

He further stated that the movie is for both the young and old who are sexually active but unmarried, have been sexually abused or are struggling to deal with sexual pressure or deviance.

“The Smell is for married couples dissatisfied with their sex lives and especially for teenagers and youths under the onslaught of peer pressure for sex. It is an eye opener for parents, church leaders, school teachers and leaders of young people to the multifaceted dimensions of sex and sexuality amongst the youth in today’s world,” he added.

Yoloye stressed that the movie is for all who seek to be able to understand and give sound counsel on the sexual realities and challenges we all face today, saying it is a movie for all who desire to live sexually compliant lives before God.

To enjoy the movie, Subscribe to FREEGIFT TV on YouTube to receive notification of the film when released or click on the link below to subscribe:


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