Fragmentation of drama institute is the major problem of ANCEDRAM- Lekan Asikhia


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A one-time National President of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, Pastor Lekan Asikhia has identified fragmentation of Drama/Film institute as the major problem of the association.

According to a report by Gospel Film News, Asikhia who was reacting to issues battling the association at the ongoing Western Regional congress in Lagos pointed out that different Drama/Film institute owned by Christians or protege of ANCEDRAM don’t promote the association also, rather project their own vision alone and neglect the association.

He further lamented that some of the Drama/Film institutes don’t teach spirituality in their schools but only major on professionalism which makes products of such institutes lack spiritual substance. The former president stated that most of those institute products are unaware of the main purpose of ministry which makes them derail latter on.

He also noted that Lack of orientation about the association has made some past leaders mislead people. Suggesting a solution to the problem, he proposed the inclusion of courses on spirituality in the curriculum of drama institutes, saying all drama institutes should have ANCEDRAM as a course.

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