I believe the gift of drama is a mighty weapon in God’s hand. It is very effective in bringing souls to the feet of Christ and edifying the church of God.


Its a great privilege for me to serve in gbede land, aiyetoro-gbede to be precised. This town was located in kogi state north central Nigeria.

Pastors and other minister of God in gbede land do not believe in drama as stool for evangelism. Most of the churches here do not have drama units because they see it has entertainment.

Those that have the zeal to work well in church have fold their hands, doing nothing. I organized a program last year November on Impact of Christian Drama in our churches today, yesterday and tomorrow with some men of God in Christian drama and film ministry.

One Sunday morning when I was distributing fliers to some churches, I enter a church, I met a man there. He told me that we don’t give room for drama in our church. That he can’t collect the fliers from me, I can’t forget that statement in my life. I left there and moved to another churches around, some collected it while some refused. I visited one pastor during that time , He said I can’t annouce it because its against our doctrine. I felt discourage when I remember those words.

To God be the Glory. Few people turn up for the 2days program.

Most of the youth that suppose to work for God have been chain down with the things of this world. Its hard for them to go to church except on sundays. I believe God can revive and restore the land.

If God deposited anything in your heart as message. Please do not hesitate to spy the land and make an impact to populate the kingdom of God here in Gbede land. I believe drama can preach the message that is bigger than the pulpit.

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