FAFEDRAM Releases Youth-Centric Movie, ‘Just Once’


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Faith Foundation Evangelical Drama Ministries otherwise known as FAFEDRAM has released a movie that addresses vital issues among the youths.

The movie titled Just Once was released on disc and YouTube for easy access by viewers.

The movie director, Oyinloye Adewale disclosed that the story is based on the life a young man named Daniel Orija who was born not to experience fatherly care, but was excelling academically and spiritually because of his knowledge of the Lord. Daniel later came to a point where he needs to make a choice amidst hypocrite counterpart just like many youths today. He was then left with choice to influence them or be influenced by his peer on campus.

Just Once is a must watch for every youths as It teaches youths not to be environmental Christians.

It was Written and Directed by Oyinloye Adewale Bunmi, shot on location in Suleja and Abuja. Click the link below to watch:


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