Expected attitude of actors before stage ministration by Moses Makinde


As the Regional Congress of ANCEDRAM continues in Lagos, the pioneer National President of the association, Pastor Moses Makinde has come out with code of conducts of actors before going on stage and behind the stage, Gospel Film News gathered.

Below is his teachings:

1. Punctuality- Respect the call time.
2. Rehearsals- Over confidence kills, rehearse very well especially stage drama because there is no take two. Know your lines and have the right carriage. Also, understudy life realities.
3. A cell phone can be a distraction even while ministering both to you and your audience.
4. Costume- Your costume is to be determined by your costume manager. Philippians 2:5-
5. Gossip is not allowed
6. Whispering is not allowed, it could be distractive
7. Technical rehearsal is very important as it is where you can know what our rehearsal will look like with all the technical crew. Using the stage where possible.
8. Back stage drama is not allowed. What you have done on stage is gone
9. Half hour- be at the venue latest 30 minutes before time
10. Props should not be played with but used at the appropriate time
11. Illness- Inform the leader when you are sick, don’t assume they should know
12. Adlib- Don’t add any word on stage as it may confuse the audience.
13. Vival- review of work done to encourage better next time.
14. Don’t carry over emotion.
15. Food- if there is left over food, let your director determine what to do.
16. Logo- Don’t use a cloth that has logo especially if the script does not say so.
17. Don’t peep while drama is ongoing.
18. Don’t cross spiritual boundaries (kissing, caressing, drinking real alcohol, smoking, etc)
19. Pray before and after ministration.”

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