Exclusive: Why we started Lagos Drama Explosion- Isaac Afolahan

Evang. Isaac Afolahan (Chairman, ANCEDRAM Lagos State chapter)

By Oluwafemi Dosu
The indefatigable vision driven and sucess oriented chairman of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM Lagos State chapter, Evangelist Isaac Afolahan has finally let the cat our of the bag on what exactly gave birth to Lagos Drama Explosion.
Afolahan while speaking with Gospel Film News in an exclusive interview yesterday disclosed that LADREX which is an acronyms for ‘LAGOS  DRAMA EXPLOSION’ is a dramatic voice of God for the nation, Nigeria.
He stressed that the purpose/main objective  of LADREX is to celebrate  the nation’s independence in a dramatic  way, to reveal the mind of God for the nation through drama even amidst the jubilation /independent  celebration and to raise an altar of prayer to God on behalf of our nation, adding that the main purpose of LADREX is then revealed in its slogan which is “A Dramatic moves to RESCUE the nation.”
Lagos Drama Explosion will hold this year on the 1st of October at The Glass Auditorium, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, UNILAG.

Going down memory lane, Afolahan told Gospel Film News that LADREX became a reality precisely October 3rd 2016, saying according to God’s word in the book of Ezekiel  Chapters 3 verse 17 and 33:7 God said he has choosen drama ministers as the watchmen for this nation and as  the duty of  a watchman, drama ministers are saddled with the responsibility to hear from God concerning the nation and disseminate same to the people through the medium of Acting.
“That was the revelation /instruction that gave birth to LADREX,” he revealed.
The dynamic chairman stressed that drama ministers must not fold hands and close eyes to the happenings in the nation but must add their voices to the nation building by standing in the gap to hear from God for the nation and hesitate not to warn of the impending  danger because the instruction does not come without a consequence when we display lackadaisical about it, quoting Ezekiel 33:6.
While stating the achievement of LADREX so far, he noted that “We thank God for what He has used LADREX to do since its inception in 2016. The last 2 editions has brought joy to heavens through the harvest of souls recorded after the live stage ministrations. This is only evangelical drama programme not organised  by any denomination, but has brought  together different people across all works of life, gathered to celebrate Nigeria in a unique way. It has forestall unity among Nigeria citizens  because the programme has witness the massive attendance of non-christians. It has also brought the government closer to the people because the past editions witnessed the representatives of government officials in attendance  thus providing the platform to air their views.”
“LADREX has also attracted the media to beam their searchlights on evangelical drama ministers thereby promoting Kingdom business and awareness for drama ministers and our calling,” he explained.
Afolahan who equally spoke on how LADREX has contributed to nation building reintrated that the main aim of LADREX is to contribute to nation building, therefore it has helped in promoting unity among the citizens, helped in redirecting our focus about the independence celebration, awaken people of their responsibility as citizens to our nation, adding that It has also helped in reshaping lifes by turning them to God thereby reducing social vices.

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