EXCLUSIVE: Why we kissed in our new TV series – Gospel Film Director


By Oluwafemi Dosu
Owing to different reactions generating from a clip uploaded from a newly shot TV series titled ‘Marriage Battles’, the director of the gospel TV series, Evangelist Mayowa Stephen has revealed why there was kissing and romance in the film. 
Mayowa Stephen in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News yesterday noted that there is nothing wrong in the kissing that happened in the film, adding that the job of an actor is to interpret characters.
“Well, we are called into this work as Ministers but everyone has his own assignment. I am first a Christian and I can never denounce that…Then, an actor…And Job of an actor is to interpret Characters.”
“I am only meant to interpret the character I am playing and give it meaning…As a Christian I am a preacher of righteousness, you really know me well. But acting an armed robber does not make me less a Christian, as well as acting romantic role,” he said. 
Mayowa Stephen who played the role of ‘Kenny’ in the TV series was kissed and romanced by his wife ‘Omolola.’ Stephen who also directed the TV series had uploaded what he called ‘Director’s first cut’ video on his facebook page on the 27th of August, 2018. 
Stephen further stressed that he knows that why kissing and Roman don’t happen in gospel films is the fear of arousal. 
“I know that the issue is always about arousal. But then I tell my students in class that before you can become a Christian Actor, you must first be dead to SIN.”
“This BODY must first be crucified and dead to SIN, for you to function effectively in the Ministry without necessarily being contaminated…In my Acting Class, I have practicalised this to my students,” he stated.
The director also noted that the problem with many Christian actors and actresses is lack of discipline and self control. 
“The problem we have is LACK OF DISCIPLINE AND SELF CONTROL. Many of those acting are not yet REGENERATED and that affects what goes on in our MINDS. But having said all these, as a person and as a ministry, we have and we know our LIMITS,” the actor said. 
“What you saw in that clip is: OMOLOLA KISSING KENNY BECAUSE SHE NEEDED TO KISS HIM. That’s all. It is not MAYOWA STEPHEN she kissed”
Mayowa Stephen concluded by advising Christian actors. 
“Well, we use to pray in Drama Ministry that negative roles should not back fire. But I advice actors not to rely solely on the corporate prayers. The actor too should be able to pray it for himself. But first be sure that you are:
1. Truly Born Again
2. Dead to SIN
3. You have enough grace to play the role.”
“You will be surprised that often times I act those romantic role. Because I know myself. If you are a lady and you expect me to come “toast” after acting, you will wait till eternity. I have another SECRET on how I help myself in playing these roles but I will not let that out,” he revealed. 
He further disclosed that they’ve concluded shoot of the TV series with a successful shoot of 13 episodes and they are going into post Production at the moment.

Below is link to watch the video clips:


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