EXCLUSIVE: Timmy Adebola narrates How He Moved From Secular into Gospel Acting


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Actor Evang. Timmy Adebola had narrated his experience to Gospel Film News in an interview what made him migrate from secular to Gospel Film Making.


He also told our correspondent how he gave his life to Christ amongst others. Excerpt:


“I’m Adebola Timmy by name. Some call me brother Marcus due to the role I played in final contest. I’m an indigene of Ekiti State, a graduate of mass communication from the prestigious University, Ajayi crowther University, Oyo.


“I served at Ilesa , Osun state. I’m a gospel Actor, Writer and Content Creator. All Glory to God I clocked a year plus yesterday April 15. It’s no news that I gave my life to Christ towards the end of 2020 and I made a switch from the secular industry to the gospel ministry.


“Days back, the spirit laid in my heart to share a bit of my journey to the gospel ministry. My journey has been that of Divine Mercy and undeserving love of God from Child birth. I have come face to face with death times without number at every different stage of my life. I was an active member of the Chapel Drama Group in my University days and I was very popular in school then, this made me consider acting as a career.

“I made up my mind I was going into acting full time. A decision that didn’t go well with my parent. It was a tug of war considering the fact that I never wanted to join the faith based ministry. I never liked the idea of being a faith based actor because I was so desperate to be famous. While seeking for admission into higher institution, I met veteran drama minister Moses Makinde, I had my first taste of gospel Drama under his tutorage. I was learning graphics design and video editing at his studio then around 2010. That wasn’t enough to convince me. Finally, I met veteran Nollywood actor Antar Laniyan. He took me as his son and trained me to becoming a professional actor. I met Dr. Seyi obembe while serving at Ilesa. I met a friend who gathered young and aspiring actors then, we became friends so we were always doing video skits, I met Dr. Seyi’s younger brother on one of the locations. He told Dr. Seyi about myself and my friend . He casted me in his movie ‘final contest’ that was my first major gospel film. I also featured in spectacle produced by Tope Abiri and boomerang produced by Seun Adejumobi. Different drama ministers I met on different set then who liked my style of acting tried persuading me to join the gospel ministry but I was hell bent. I was desperate for fame so badly that I didn’t even care about God’s plan for my life.


“I began my journey into the secular world and I worked/ met top celebrities. Even though most of the roles I was given were just ‘Waka pass.’ I spent close to five years in the secular industry. I was happy I was fulfilling my desire and I kept believing one day I will become famous. People associated with me because I was rolling with top guns in the industry. Deep down I felt empty but my thirst for fame never gave me the chance to pay attention. I had different Revelations. The first Revelation, I saw mummy Gloria Bamiloye praying for me. In the second Revelation I saw myself and Daddy Mike Bamiloye on set. I told my parents about it. They made me understand I belong to the faith based ministry but I turned deaf ears. I was languishing in sin. I drink once in a while, flirting and I remember smoking when I was in Jss3 and a whole lot of sinful habits.


“Lo and behold I never knew days of suffering and torture was around the corner. All of a sudden, everything went dry. I wasn’t called upon for jobs anymore, I also became very broke and couldn’t even afford to cut my hair. I remember going to church one day and two of my big brothers in church saw me, they had to contribute two thousand naira for me because I was looking so terrible. Times I will wake up and cry. I became a forgotten man. Everyone deserted me but my family stood by me against all odds. I had to pick up a teaching job just to survive. At a point , I formed a group . We go to private and public schools to stage drama for money just to survive. I went for Deliverance countless times thinking it was a spiritual attack. It got to a point of depression. I began to call and beg producers for jobs. I remember calling some gospel producers also. They all made promises but nothing was forth coming.


“Out of frustration, I went for Deliverance. I gave my life to Christ. I got a contract with one of the biggest movie production company in Nigeria. I was casted for one of their on-line TV series; Ayetoro Town where I played the role of Corper Victor. Things began to change for me. I got too comfortable and forgot about God. We went on break and I was hoping we would resume because nothing was forthcoming again. I resumed my sinful life even worse than it use to be.


“One night, I slept and had a revelation, an elderly woman looking ragged asked some boys to capture me. She told me they already concluded to finish me by 2pm that day but due to the fact that I was always helping people and my kindness towards people made her help me wash my heart a bit so it can be clean because it was too dirty. I met her washing a dirty room. She said it was my heart. So I woke up… I didn’t pay attention to it. I remembered I slumped twice at different intervals afterwards. I was only saved by grace. The following year which was last year, I was so frustrated that I went to God in prayers to even know my purpose. When He showed me, it was pointing to the gospel ministry. I pretended like I’ve heard, went back to my sinful life. I had another revelation. In that revelation we had a visitor, the visitor saw me and hit me . She said, God is seriously angry with me that I didn’t know how much God loves me. I apologized and was forgiven in that revelation. I woke up and repented. Days after, I went back to my sinful life. I tried all I could just to stay relevant,made video skits, even had two movie productions of mine but it was all a wasted effort. I had a friend who kept pushing me not to give up. At a point he threatened to cut off because I was seriously languishing in failure and nothing good was coming out from my efforts. My mum had a revelation that a family member died but she didn’t Know , she kept praying alongside my dad. I wasn’t aware. I lay on my bed one night and I felt so depressed and frustrated with life. I was a living dead. The more I pursued fame, the more I became irrelevant. I wept bitterly on my bed that night and I slept off. I had an encounter, in that encounter, I was to leave the world that day by 3 am. All was concluded but God showed up and delivered me right in the encounter that lasted for hours. It’s a story for another day. I came back to life feeling too clean. I knew something changed, i felt too clean. I felt peaceful, immediately, I went on my kneels and wept, I genuinely gave my life to Christ and it was like a dream when I told my parent I am ready to serve God. I made the decision and switched to the gospel ministry, I had to cut off from some friends, some friends felt I was not okay for making such decision. Some said I was going to regret it that I was making a foolish decision etc. Truth be told, it was a decision that brought tears to my eyes because I was leaving all of my personal ambition to embark on a journey I didn’t know how to go about it .


“I totally forgot about fame, I just wanted to know God. I was favored to have two spiritual friends who never gave up on me. When I falter, they were there to help me rise. I made a public declaration, I remember that day I received lots of request and messages. I had to switch off my data. I was showed great love. I was overwhelmed it shocked many. I began to grow in Christ and gave Him my all. I never thought of fame again but was hungry for God. Not long enough, I discovered more about myself in God. I became a writer, wrote stories as inspired by God. I have written two books; “Ekundayo” and “Pastor’s choice.” God divinely connected me all by Himself without recommendation and I featured in some movies. “The voice,” “The Aftermath,” “Finding the one,” “Winnie the boss lady and my most recent movie “The Bank.” I thank God because he granted me the grace to play lead roles in some of these movies. I can tell you as I grew in Christ, He restored honor, value and gave me a new identity. He gave me great peace of mind . I would be deceiving myself if I say I didn’t go through challenges but I face them with the assurance that Jesus is with me. I am still growing in grace and learning to dwell in His presence day by day because the journey is still far. I am thankful to God for His mercies and love over my life. He turned my barrenness to fruitfulness. I would have died and be in hell by now if not for God’s mercies, those who know me can testify I don’t hide my love for Him. I am using this moment to tell others to pursue God, pursuit of material things will only lead to emptiness and depression, anyone who is yet to discover His purpose hasn’t started living. God is not Dead!! Jesus is the only way. In Him lies genuine happiness. Heaven is real and Hell is real,” he explained.

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  1. What an amazing testimony!!! Glory to God. His love is immeasurable, he kept chasing after you. May he help you to continue living in accordance to his will.

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