EXCLUSIVE: The need for good lighting in christian film registered my name in cinematography- Kunle Adepoju


Kunle Adepoju is a force to be  reckoned with when it comes to cinematography and film shooting generally. In the Gospel Film Industry, he is an hot cake. He has shot countless award winning movies in the last few years. In this exclusive interview with Ifeoluwa George, a Gospel Film News correspondent,  Kunle Adepoju disclosed his passion, background and how he achieves greater results while shooting, 


Can we meet you?

My name is Kunle Adepoju, a gospel film maker,  directing and  cinematography is my area of great strength.

Lead us into your background?

I was born in a muslim family of 9 children. I am number 4. I got born again at a very tender age of nine. Since then, I have been nursing the passion to be a gospel film minister.

Who inspires you as a Film Maker?

God is my inspiration. I grew to know Him steering my heart to write, compose songs through what happens around me.

That’s great…Your way of shooting and picture output is somehow different, how do you achieve this?

Different? I dont know it is different. I just do the right thing. Apply the right principles and create a style for any film I want to shoot with the approval of anyone directing and most importantly the help of God, the giver of all creativity.

Is there any special gadget you use to give you the fill you want?

The camera, the selected camera for the shoot… I shoot with any good camera. Get the fill we want thats all.

Recently you trained people under the umbrella of MEFA, what is MEFA all about?

MEFA is a training college of our ministry. It is Medram Film Academy with the vision to train people professionally on the nitty gritty of film making from script to screen. Just so lucky to start with technical training.

Will you say you achieved the purpose of the training?

We are just starting, we are not in anyway there yet. We are not despising our little beginning.

The turnout of the students were low compare to your expectations, were you not discouraged?

Actually where we had a low turnout was our three days training workshop. It was never a discouragement to me. I can only be thinking on what was put into it financially. But as for the people that came, they are seeds that will bring forth good fruits as far as operating cameras is concern.

Where do you learn cinematography?

My style is my creative conclusions after I had learnt the art, researched the difficults and practise the craft.

Was cinematography your passion right from time or you got interested along the line?

I studied cinematography first at Kaytechnical Evangelical films, later proceeded to Pencils Film and Television Institute, PEFTI with more technical seminar and workshops and more of online trainings.

I actually studied directing at PEFTi, but with the caliber of lecturers who were technically sound that taught me, I was exposed to all about camera, sound and light, with much practical experiences.

Making a good film is my passion from time. In search for how to achieve this,  I choose to study directing and the need for good lighting in christian film register my name in cinematography and God brought me here. Glory to His name.

Presently in gospel film industry, you are an hot cake. How do you get your client and contract?

God is all for me. I don’t know how He brought me here. He is the mystery behind my jobs

Hmmmmm….How do you charge for job?

This is gospel film now… Anyway, I dont know whether the way I value any production amounts to charging or not. I just have the consciousness that it is the work of mission.

You seem to have more female trainee under you, is it that you dislike guy trainees or you just have the grace of having much girls around you?

Male and female comes for training in our school. I can’t say why I have female trainees. I guess ladies are getting great passion for what men can do these days. But if I have to count those I have trained, the statistics still tell me that  male trainee leads the school population.

Okay sir. To train people how much do you charge?

Our film school MEFA has different programmes with different prices. Six months, 1year and 2years. They are all affordable with pay on installment. I think you will need to obtain our form first then other things follow (laughs).

How do you balance your tight work schedule with your family?

I don’t think I have tight work schedule yet. Because, I put them in plan. There are special days for my family I dont share with work.

Like how many films have you shot in the last two years?

Number of films? I think I need to enter my archive and do that count. I tell you, it is not uncountable they are just few. I wish to do more for the Lord. I just dont want to guess wrong.

(Cuts in) That means you’ve lost count…As a DOP how will you rate gospel movie directors and actors?

Christain films Directors and Actors, just like us, are of diverse skills and knowledge. We can be better.

Can you handle a secular job?

I am selective in handling secular jobs. I do moral soaps, commercials, documentaries, etc.

(Cuts in) That means you can handle secular job but not all secular job?

Shooting a wedding ceremony is not in anyway gospel.

That’s very true. How do you think the gospel film industry can improve?

When we know our purpose and we pursue it with all passion, skills, training necessary until we win the battle.

It is an honour to have this interview with you sir. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the priviledge.

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