EXCLUSIVE: Idowu Oluwaferanmi calls for partnership among gospel film makers


By Oluwafemi Dosu

In a bid to seek lasting solution to proper marketing and quality production of gospel films, Idowu Oluwaferanmi has throw weight behind, saying partnership is the only way gospel films can be well marketed and accepted by marketers.

The actress made this known recently in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News publishers, Oluwafemi Dosu at Ibadan, Oyo state capital.

She stressed that doing the film project singlehandedly as it had been done will not bring a tangible result, adding that partnership is the key.


“I think if we want to do it singlehandedly as we have been doing it, that one cannot help us but if we can have people of the same mind. I think one of the ways our films can be sponsored, well circulated and well marketed is to do partnership and that will be of great help,” she added.

Oluwaferanmi while speaking also pointed to the fact that online marketing is making more waves these days.

“Mind you, disc no more sell these days, people are now turning to online marketing and that is another way of marketing our films but if we come together as a team; you have the grace, you have the script, I have the money, we invite people of like minds together and do it as a joint project, I think the production will still be better than the one we are producing by now because a tree cannot make a forest.”

“There is a film recently that a ministry is embarking on, in that location we were discussing that if the project is for the secular film makers, they would have produced it in a better way. They will come together and their marketers will support it but here what you will hear is ‘let’s just manage it, let’s just shoot it that way’ and that kind of thing lessens the quality of the production. So, I think if we have people of likeminded we come together and produce something tangible it will help us,” she concluded.

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