EXCLUSIVE: How I started my career as an actor- Kayode Owojori


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The lead character in some Mount Zion movies such as The Accountant, One Careless Night, The Counsellor, among others, Evangelist Kayode Owojori has revealed how he started his career as an actor.

Owojori, although preferred to be addressed as a minister who interprets roles rather than being called an actor disclosed this to Gospel Film News in an exclusive interview.

The actor disclosed that he was doing a bit of Church Drama and all that but many people did not know that he had an antecedent outside of the church and his antecedent was well over forty years as a university student before Mount Zion invited him to feature in their movie, One Careless Night.

“As a matter of fact, for my first degree I read Dramatic Art and I already been doing televisions and stage plays before Nollywood started. I had done several with NTA that’s NTA network, I’ve done with BCOS that’s Oyo, I’ve done several other stage play before the Lord caught me,” he stated.

He continued: “when the Lord caught me, you know what he said; ‘Give me your talent and when it is the right time I will return it to you’ I’ve never forgotten that and that was 1988 around April or so. He said give me your talent and I will return it to you at the right time. He said that in 1988 and I did not argue with the Lord.”

Owojori revealed that he had many opportunities to act, even when Nollywood started gaining ground, but he refused and they called him names, adding that his friends brought scripts to him, they gave him offers but he refused because the Lord said He will return the talent back to him at the right time.

He however told Gospel Film News that God returned the talent back to him when Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion called him to come and feature in a six parts movie titled ‘One Careless Night’ in 2005 since 1988 when God requested for Owojori’s talent.

“You know what God said, he said ‘now take your talent and use it for me.’ So you wonder why many of us don’t go out often. He said take and use it for me and since then I’ve never looked back, I’ve always used it for the Lord and that’s why I don’t call myself an actor,” he concluded.

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