EXCLUSIVE: The fear of hell inspires me as a film maker- John Oguntuase


By Oluwafemi Dosu

An award winning gospel film maker, John Oguntuase has revealed that what inspires him to produce films is the fear of going to hell.

Oguntuase who was talking to Gospel Film News recently in an exclusive interview disclosed that he want to go to heaven and want to take as many people as possible along, saying hell is a dangerous place and it is better imagined than experienced.

“What inspires me as a film maker is the fear of going to hell, because i dont want to go to hell, i have some studies on how to compare between heaven and hell, heaven is the best way, hell is a very dangerous place. Someone says hell is better imagined than experience so going to hell for me is very dangerous, i don’t want people to go there, so i want to do anything i can to avoid people going to hell and me personally.”

“Leading people to heaven is my priority, God himself is my greatest inspiration and the beauty of heaven and the dangers in hell. I think it is Redeemed that said one of their aim is to go to heaven and take many people as possible with them, that is one of my inspirations. I want whatever it is, don’t fight, don’t lie, don’t fornicate, don’t steal and don’t be angry, do whatever I can do to take you to heaven,” he stated.

While speaking on why he so much pick  interest in short film, noted that number one reason is that he know there are lots of videos going viral; sexual videos, comedy that are very many and so many other videos, short ones and then they are all over the TV staions, internet, then he discovered gospel film makers can also make this concept.

“I was passionate about it, i was talking about it, running around so, the quest to spread gospel films as an alternative to skit that we have,  that does not even bless life. When i see a skit that have three billion views, five billion views i will be like ahnahn, and this movies don’t have any moral whatsoever so let’s give something that will give morals,” he noted.

The award winning film maker also  revealed that finance is part of the reasons why he decided to shoot short films saying it is in favour of both producer and audience.

Oguntuase whose films have won award both home and abroad said for producers who has limited finance can start shooting short films which will reduce their budget unlike feature lenght while audience can also easily watch and download because it is short.

“You can watch short film in few minutes and be blessed without spending a lot of money in the world. Also because of the social media because social media is the new church now and everybody is the G.O. People can make things go viral in few minutes and if it is too long it can’t go viral. Short film is a in thing because people are in haste this days so let’s do something very fast,” he stressed.

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