Even if i have 100 million Naira for film project i won’t use any cast from secular- Gofestival Director


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The director of Gospel Film Festival,GOFESTIVAL, Evang. Olaitan Faranpojo has also joined the trending conversation in the gospel movie sector/ministry.

Faranpojo believed that ANCEDRAM has one of the best and finest actors and actresses, noting that if he has 50 million or 100 million Naira for film projrct he’s not going to use any cast from outside ANCEDRAM.

He disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News yesterday.

The Festival Director further revealed that he will only be limited to invite 2 or 3 crew from outside beacuse he felt that the kind of crew that ANCEDRAM can booast of are very reliable, very commited, saying in fact, he has never seen that kind of commitment before.

According to him, the only thing that is just lacking is professionalism which by time they will grow to meet up with, and a lot of them are really growing up.

“What actually motivates professionalism in Nollywood or secular world is money because if you don’t meet up with your professionalism you would probably be sent away and you won’t collect your money, but these are people (Gospel Actors and Crew) that when they are on set they don’t even know how much they want to collect, but will work very hard, i have never seen such.
I was part of the ANCEDRAM film project in Oyo, i was their Artistic Director with Dr. Adeoye Omoniyi, they are fantastic people, the way they work, the way everybody does things. You will see that they are laughing,” he stated.

He continued: “I’ve seen productions that are world-class and there are lapses, i’ve seen productions that they spent millions and their food came late.
It’s good that it’s ANCEDRAM taking position as an association that it’s not Evangelist Mike Bamiloye saying ‘this is my opinion’ because as an association they have to take a stand on such a thing but i hope they also consult widely, but maybe they consulted widely or not,
i think as an association, they have the right and if you are a member it is binding on you to accept that this is how you should do things.”

Like I said I hope they consulted widely because if not, there maybe problem.

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